• You first read about "William" in an unauthorized article by Philip J. Imbrogno entitled UFO's: Close Encounters of the Tristate Kind. The article was published in the February 1990 issue of the Mid Westchester edition of Spotlight Magazine.

    A more detailed synopsis of his UFO encounter was again published in another unauthorized work by Philip J. Imbrogno. This time, "William's" name was changed to "Greg" and it appeared in the 1997 book Contact Of The 5th Kind. "Greg's" chilling account of UFO abduction and alien contact is documented on pages 66-70 under the section entitled "The Night Terror".

    Mr. Imbrogno, a Westchester, New York based UFO investigator, researcher and author, lost touch with "Greg" shortly after his UFO abduction experience and subsequent hypnosis session back in 1988. Little did Mr. Imbrogno know, but the most shocking part of the account was yet to take place.

    In 1992, the authorized account of "Greg's" encounters appeared in the appendix of a mainstream book by a well-known and respected author (More about this later). For the first time in print, "Greg's" identity was revealed. Tens of thousands of people now know what really happened to "Greg" and the truth is earth shattering! Read on as the young man who lived through this ordeal, Larry, shares his experiences in their entirety