• Would you rather be broken up with, or just ghosted?
    For me, break up is better. I'd much rather that over being ghosted. At least you for sure know what is going on..

  • @sarcasm Oh hell yeah, I'm with you there. My last gf, we were only together for around three months but she was pretty much living at my home alternate weeks through that. Then she disappeared the week before my birthday, messages were unread, phone calls and texts unanswered, and there was no sign of online activity anywhere I'd usually expect to find her. I genuinely thought she might be dead or in a diabetic coma in hospital or such, and made myself really ill with worry for her wellbeing.

    Then after six days and completely by accident I stumbled upon a new profile she'd made on the site where we met stating that she was single and looking for dates. She had also managed to send 386 messages to other guys in those six days whilst she'd been ignoring me and letting me go out of my mind fearing the worst. So.... yeah. Not exactly how I would have preferred to find out our long-term plans weren't happening any more 😂

  • @Matt_Aranha awe shit man i'm so sorry

  • @sarcasm It happens. Not the best ending to a relationship I've had by a long shot, but not the worst either. And somehow we managed to eventually start talking again, thrash some stuff out and are kind-of friends again. Which is probably better for both of us. Didn't stop the anguish at the time though 🙄

  • @Matt_Aranha ahahaha yea. It still hurts i get dat

  • Broken up cus if you get ghosted you'll jus waste so much time waiting for nth...:pensive:

  • @Celosa ikr