• [link text]([link url](link url))I could possibly get some dislikes on my post but maybe some people agree with me.

    Let me start off with how I came to think about my topic, I was scrolling through the gram (Instagram) and came across a video of a girl painting her face white saying "If trump wins" (throwing out there I am not an American but a fellow neighbor who watches America taking beatings after beatings), then the video switching off to a caucasian lady trying to intimidate the girl but with a darker foundation but stops right before she puts the makeup on saying "Oh wait that would be racist wouldn't it.".

    My thoughts on this, I feel that the girl in the first video where she was painting her face white is just scared trump would win again as he is racist, and in his eyes, the Caucasians are more preferred within the country, it's a little humorous to me as I can understand where she is coming from wanting to fit in. Now my thoughts on the caucasian lady I feel she did not think thoroughly making her video, as some Caucasians (What I mean by that is Europeans, French and Germans (I could be missing one or a few) in that category, I will explain more about this further into my rant) have not lived the lives of the people who were slaves and killed off from the superior races throughout history. People of color within North America have been treated like shit for generations as it was being built.

    People of color within North America have gone through so many hardships and trauma it's sad, at points other cultures other than Christianity were stripped, women and children of color were killed, raped, and enslaved, men of color were slaves or killed. The Caucasians in North America in our history had weaponry and machines helping them kill off people who did not have much to defend themselves with completely dominating the people who had helped the Europeans and French know the land, how to hunt, gave furs to and offered shelter. Other cultures from other regions were brought to North America as slaves to help build our countries. Racism was built by certain caucasian groups as they enslaved many people of color within North America, even bringing in other ethnic groups from different regions they have enslaved to build what we call home today in North America.

    Now having talked about history, in today's world racism still exists. North America was built on white supremacy, yes through time people of color started receiving rights and freedoms but society is subliminal to racism especially most of Caucasians' ethnic groups, like the Europeans and French for example. If you noticed in today's society you have people who wear makeup wear lighter shades of foundation to get that lighter skin tone highlighting parts of their faces as it is considered beauty. We have police brutality going on, yes some of it is reported but there is so much more happening behind closed doors. We have so many powerful racist people working in fields that they shouldn't be working in but they get a slap on the hand once caught. We have racist sports team titles for the world to see not only that but our laws are still written in old context defining certain groups, for example, Indigenous people still called Indians, on my Canadian Status Card it is called "Indian Status Card" literally displayed across the card. We have caucasian people dressing up as a cultural character completely ignorant about how racist that is. So much more is happening that I cannot list off as it will make this paragraph even longer, so if you want you can list some more for me in the comments.

    When I meant by some caucasian groups being superior is that there are some ethnic groups within the caucasian community who also endured hardships and trauma from the superior caucasian groups who were explorers and settlers. Examples of some Caucasians who were also exploited to violence and dominance from the superior races are the jews, famines, Polish and more that I cannot think of right now, you can also share in the comment section.

    So overall I feel within North America it is racist making jokes towards people of color, as to people of color who make jokes of caucasian is only because we still face racism today with white supremacy. The girl in the video is just showing us that she does not want to continue to deal with racism from a politician who is suppose to bring equality to all but seems to favor Caucasians more, she just wants to fit in. Don't we all?

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    Yeah you can call someone "ignorant" for not knowing the history behind black-face. On the other hand, the heart & intent matter as well(it was obviously not meant as prejudice or discrimination in any way so the ignorance goes somewhat in the other direction too.).

    Subliminal things aren't consequential. Racism is direct intent to discriminate or a prejudiced hate act. The highlight mention is a stretch in my opinion. If you want something hidden, it's dark. If you want something accentuated, you add light.

    Police brutality is not race based. The media is. They don't look at the details, they give a shallow overview. The victim is usually to blame for not following standard procedure or violently resisting arrest. George Floyd cried wolf(lied) and resisted prior to the publicized incident relating to him. An officer tried to keep him under control and trust was lost in the situation so they did not see eye to eye.

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    yes, well, as a nation we certainly have a very dark past. hopefully the future will be brighter