@Indrid-Cold said in Q and A session with the oldest person on TWS...: @petrapark3r Great question. People really have to go a ways now before I hate them on a personal level. Unlike when I was a youngerz, when I blamed individuals for the fact they were bellends, I now tend to blame peer-pressure, or the fact we all lead such busy lives in a stoopid, superficial society. Does that sound like a cop-out? If I have learned anything about human beans, then it's that as long as you make things easy to them (me included ), and others hard, they'll eventually do the easy things. But does that take all responsibility from them? I see things along the lines of how Jordan Peterson tends to formulate it: it is not clear where you end and your surroundings begin. Is your room a part of you? There are good arguments that it is. And so are the relationships with the people around you and with society. Still I think the only real responsibility lies with the individual. But it lies not in being stupid or deaf or blind (metaphorically speaking), it lies in not facing your deafness, blindness or stupidity in a proper way. One woman can change an incredible lot, if she just takes up real responsibility. But it's not our job to save the whole world. It's enough to properly fill out the room, your very own life can fill.