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    How far would you go in sacrificing privacy?
    Did you consider the point of no return?
    Is it only about being famously in the picture, the attention, live amongst the happy few or about the money and material world that usually come with it?

  • i prefer anonymity. Not a huge fan of big crowds either. Im a bit of a recluse workaholic. but i would love to spend the weekend here. It is good to have moments of getting pampered but not as a habit.

  • I like to be shoulder to shoulder with the commoners

  • @marcyo It would depend what the fame is based on. If I became the person who awarded nobel prize for environment, or did some other great philanthropic act, sure, I would like the fame of being remembered as a good person who made a difference :) ...and don’t even care if I’m rich from it😂
    But fame in itself, raw recognition for its own sake, I don’t think that would be enjoyable for long

  • Fortune,fame, going insane , memory remains!! Metallica


    No not really

  • Interesting question. Fame seems like a dangerous thing these days. But on the other hand there are quite alot of benefits. You can't beat the tranquility of a peaceful relatively anonymous existence though. 🤔I don't know whether I'd want fame or not. I'd be worried it would lead me to a self destructive lifestyle.

  • I agree that the context of fame differs on what is being recognised. I think celebrities experience fame on a different level and I agree that fame is dangerous especially for one's mental health. I used to think that if I could be that important, I would be safe.

    Nevertheless, I've come to enjoy my solitude. I like being invisible. It's exciting. I think there's freedom in that. I do like attention but only for a few minutes and then it becomes overwhelming. The same with being in a crowd VS having a small circle of friends. I easily get overwhelmed by the idea of having a large house or yard to maintain, especially if it's just me alone. It's scary and unnecessary. I would only want to live comfortably, be financially secure, my independence guaranteed and that I can take my time helping people, studying, travelling, occassionally splurging and equipping my home with everything I need so I can hibernate.

  • @knownsense Nice thoughts in simple words. You got that right..
    They won't go insane if they really understand how to handle it well, or how to use it as a true force of good. And if their journey for fortune and fame entails the pursuit of an endeavour that will leave an indelibly positive impact on society, then we shouldn't begrudge their ambitions

  • @kaia
    It's not my original thought .. I heard this song from band called Metallica, rock band .. song as memory remains.. teenage story was in engineering college and liked all genre of music !!
    May be you like too !!
    So just borrowed knowledge but I did know the true meaning of it analysing my realisation!!

    They won't go insane if they really understand how to handle it well, or how to use it as a true force of good.

    well said dearie happy being, but it's a experience as far as I know.. i need to be one to say no.. for example being in darkness once I understand the darkness ..accept it and consider it's a past the knowledge I gained, nothing is good bad or evil, all are lesson choice to not to deal the dealt part !! so it's easy for me to see light also apreciate the colours of light and darkness !! It's would be s joke blind fellow can't see light or colours in the head !!
    Problems is he never seen one to name the colours I guess ??

  • @knownsense Thank you, I like the song. Its lyrics and your message are being heard and understood. I don't want to live my life in vain. Rock on !!

  • @kaia_ wonderful !! And bless you !! As I say don't survive in the name living running behind material world.
    Be alive and now, also only now exist !! Past is memories now , living with it dellusion. Future is imagination now, living with it illusion.. so live total being aware of concious about now , experience it !! do not fall for a feel, labeling good , bad, evil.. no know sense it's no sense I guess !!

  • @knownsense lmao should listen to that tnx

  • @kaia_ hi) Good point, that's the thingy with being famous, u never know how it's gonna work out. I'm sure some VIPs never dreamed of being famous, perhaps a few but started out working on their dreams or did what they liked to do (or not lol) and rolled into stardom for whatever reason😅