Just tell me it’s over

  • Banned

    Send me away
    Wrapped in lighting
    Into the mouth of the unknown
    Let me crash in a peal of thunder
    So my cry of pain
    Goes unheard
    Call me a sinner
    Never a saint
    Call me the worst
    Never a favorite
    I’ve lost my life
    And a friend
    You say you love me
    Just tell me it’s over
    Haven’t you figured out
    Nothing lasts forever
    I can’t change my ways
    Gods knows I’ve tried
    Just let me go
    Make a better tomorrow
    Send me away
    In a lightning burst
    Turn me to ashes
    So you can heal
    Relearn to feel
    Just tell me it’s over

  • its not ever.

  • Banned

    @Karenluvsjesus Takes two to carry on. Lose one and it’s over.

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