The bug and her missing prince

  • Freedom Writers

    We were interlocked for so long,
    that it hurts so much when you're gone.
    I await you to return for your warm embrace,
    I just miss the ability to touch your face,
    our little moments are what keep me going,
    and I never want them slowing,
    but some things just aren't in my control,
    and with you not here there is a hole,
    an emptiness inside,
    together we are tied,
    to the other.
    Those rare moments we weren't together was just a taste,
    of what now is the worst week,
    because it has your absence,
    and I don't know what to do without my prince.
    I know when you return I'll be complete again,
    but until then,
    I'll continue to cry myself to sleep,
    and as I weep,
    I'll think of you,
    and all I can do,
    to be able to taste your lips again,
    it will be then,
    I'll be able to rest,
    and get the love that I'm missing,
    and deserve as you'll take my heart out of this sling.
    You're so far away,
    and I know the day,
    will come when I have my baby again.

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