• Doggo Wuvers

    Alter 2
    Name: Lynn
    Age: 14 (doesnt age but dying)
    Favorite Color: black
    Appearance: pale skin, 5'1, 30kg, black eyes, less black straight hair, V shape jawline with high cheek bones, collar bones and elongated neck, suffering from pyorrhea, wears full dental dentures all the time
    Gender: female (straight)
    Degree: high school drop out
    Hobby: lying on bed, sleeping for 12 hours, loves procrastinating
    Triggers: silent empty dark room,
    Character: I suffer from anorexia which i only discovered lately. I am always skinny even at a very young age, I am used to my body, this is the normal me. I am hopeless, it is what it is. I absorb all the negativities thrown at me from the outside world. I keep the effects of bullying which the host cannot handle even if I too can barely handle them, including but not limited to verbal and physical abuse and trauma. Ive been through a lot worse more than an ordinary girl at my age can phatom. I also have my own suicidal tendencies. Ive tried to end my sorrow multiple times but never succeeded. Im fine with being in my room for days, weeks, months even a year I dont mind. I dont want to care whats happening or whats going on around in the outside world. My room, particularly my bed is my sanctuary, it's the universe where my life revolves. I drink water to keep myself alive at least. I survived staying alive for a week by just consuming water. I lose many kg's because of that. All my bones were literally protesting. I like darkness, the void is my favorite aside from my room. Most of my time, I contemplate there and I cry myself to sleep. Friends do not exist in my life, I dont bother. I have a few before only to find out they are all fake so since then I never tried to communicate with anyone. Family? I dont have one. They dont exist in my world and so am I to them. CASSANDRA always encourages me to stay strong and fight. I dont want to try, i already accepted my fate being the weekest. I wish I never existed in the first place.

  • I like your choice of hobbies, quite relatable. But don't beat yourself about it, time you enjoyed wasting isn't wasted.

  • hello how are you

  • Can we talk pls i really find u r interesting?

  • @Aimee26
    Your honesty is beautiful, I can't share publicly like that. Keep your head up.

  • @Aimee26 Alter? So, you're a multiple? Apologies if that's not your term