I just feel like giving up on life tbh

  • Sorry to bother everyone! I am 15 btw. I just feel like everything is going shit and has been forever, my crush apperently thinks that i am weird and a bit ugly, i barely have any friends, according to me my parents are shit. I put to much preassure on myself when it comes to school which leads to anxiety whenever something doesnt go to plan.

    I just don´t know what to do anymore because everything i do always seems to backfire in one way or another.

  • Heyy.. so your situation kinda reminds me of myself not so long ago and I think I can help you a bit to improve how you feel :))
    I'm 16, so im not really experienced either but i felt like that when i was 13-15. If you wanna talk to me we can and I can try to cheer you up. Just so you know, everything has a solution and life is full of ups and downs!!

  • you can't say life is red-neck crack chocolate at just 15 ma Boi

  • @Elwin This was posted a week ago, just wanted to check on u, r u ok? And i completely understand how u feel, bc i feel the same way. I recommend u tell someone u trust. It doesnt need to be an adult, just a friend knowing what ur going through and having ur back is already so much better than being isolated.