• So, it's been a long time since I've posted my "article-length", well, posts. And, uh, I don't know. It's been a long time since I've even used TWS. I wanted to forget all of it. But here I am, so, indeed, OLD HABITS JUST STICK. I think I use this platform to express my thoughts, which I hope, those who do read, understand and enjoy. And also, one of the appeals is that a lot of people don't read it because they're busy in their own kind of thing.
    And again, maybe this is just for someone who's actually interested in knowing how the mind works, if I put it in a poetic way.
    So, yeah. Old habits. What about them? Now, I would love it if the people who read would actually comment on it so I know that I'm not the only one. But hey, or not?...
    You ever watched House MD? It's like the whole Vicodin thing for House. Or any drug addict's 101. Any smart drug addict(FUN FACT: The most intelligent people resort to heavy usage of recreational drugs or alcohol) would know that, once they start drugs, there's a good chance they'll be hooked to it.
    So, why do we do the things we do? Right now, I'm sitting here doing this when I have something way more important to do. I like doing that, but this, this is not so important and I don't enjoy it all that much either. So why do I do it?
    I think we all live in the grey of things, right in the middle of yin and yang. As much as we try to be good people, our pasts' haunt us. Cliché, yes, but for a reason. So anyways, why do we do it?
    I think, we choose bad choices once in a while either out of complete joblessness or too much pressure. It makes sense both ways, because in the first, you just want to try something new, no matter what the cost and in the second, you're looking for a way to deposit all the stress.
    So what I say, is, if you're about to start something that may be called addicting, seriously take thought into it. Ask yourself if you want to be hooked to it for the rest of your life. If you have no problem, then by all means.
    Because, actually "being on the wagon" (always makes me laugh - I blame Seinfeld) requires a great deal of dedication. And it's more likely that someone who is more of a procrastinator will achieve recovery way later than a person that sticks to their plans and gives rules and discipline importance.
    Anyways, that's what I'm thinking right now. If you do read this, please let me know what you think. And have a great day!

  • Too bad such topics are being slept on, it looks like you're singing songs to the deaf. Your topics are genuinely thrilling (except for the trivial travel one, not my cup of tea at least). It is not the platform that brings you back, but the need of having a conversation.
    As for this topic, think of the habit of checking the fridge every few minutes. You might not do this, but plenty of people do. Dopamine is being released after pleasant activities, such as eating. Hence, people try to seek "happiness" this way. However, please let me state that your logic if flawed if you are going to make a correlation between the drugs people use and their success. The Big Bang Theory had Sheldon Cooper, The Mentalist had Patrick Jane, Lie to me had Cal Lightman. None of them were addicted to anything. Well, not any physical substance. Both Patrick and Cal have found greatness (please tell me you've seen at least one of the two) through what I consider the best catalyst: pain. Oh, and even more, the actors are usually far from the way you consider them after watching one show - you like to portray them as being esoteric, revered; as unique and smart as they appear on the shows. Most of the times, it is not the case.
    I personally come around for the (really, really small) odds of bumping into such topics, where you see depth in conversation, the joy of writing, expression; I usually use my friends as cannoon fodder for my long texts.
    Great movie selection you've made, will surely check the few that I have not seen on that list. As this topic of yours truly stirred interest, I did check your others, but it is already too much to write in one message, I might bring death to the low bandwith of this website.

  • @mindigh Well, I did expect that someone would question me about the correlation between intelligence and drug use, and I do agree: it's not something that is completely related. But while I was writing this, Sherlock Holmes and Elliot Alderson(from Mr. Robot) were on my mind. And I read this article that was just on my mind at the time, that said complexes such as the characters I've mentioned aren't really fans of rules and whatnot.
    Anyways, I'm glad to get that big a comment, well, for one, 'cause I normally don't and for the other, that, it was nice reading it and getting to know your opinion.

  • @Hellloooooooo I have heard this. Drugs goes to show us may be smart but not necessarily wise. Some of it might be curiosity. Some might be needed in a person’s mind to fit in. There are normally supposed pluses to drugs, so some may believe that they’re smart enough to use the hard stuff in an intelligent way. I think most likely smart folks who use drugs are looking for something that is different, a boost, an advantage. I just don’t think it’s wise

  • @kaia_ It's not wise, indeed. That's how I ended my long post. It's not safe to start some thing that's called an addiction but if you are, then imagine all of eternity being addicted to it.

  • @Hellloooooooo Yes you're right. Drugs are likely bad in their not goodness. I will just say No :)

  • @kaia_ that would appear to be the right thing to do.