• Have been dating him for 3 years now but he had an obsessive ex girlfriend who wouldn't let him b she will text threatening me I ignore her all the time n instead talk to him but somehow I will always find out he still communicates with her so I got fed up n tired at some point n decided it's best I just let go so I cheated on him n he found out.... he criedn begged me not to break up with him n stuffs so I reconsidered my decision n still stayed thinking truly he had forgiven now this was in 2016 so I stayed with him now in July I had gone to his house unexpectedly n was hearing a girl mourning from his room I knocked n almost broke down d door he didn't open the door his friends pulled me to the kitchen to calm me down n he sneaked the girl out of his room n told me it was his friend in his room not him I fought him verbally n we argued I left now on Saturday I was going through his phone n I saw a funny conversation with him n some other 2 chics I took d number n added d contact to my contact n started chatting one of the girls up like I was him n I found it it was the same chic who was in the room with that night so I confronted him n he started beating me up telling me he had told me to stop checking his phone so now I know how it feels to be cheated on I left his house n continued my conversation with the girl till Tuesday night n sent him screenshots of my conversations for him to know I know it all n there's nothing for him to hide anymore my boyfriend felt no remorse or cared I was shocked n denied not having anything to do with her so I message the girl to reveal my identity n appreciated the information she had given me n she replied nice meeting u...wats your name I was confused like I didn't chat her up to be her friend so ignored n tried calling him in d morning only to find out he was on the phone with the same chic so I told her u still having a conversation after knowing he has a girlfriend ... her response killed me "is there a problem" I just ignored n blocked her cux I didn't know exactly wat to say or do anymore at that point but she's not the only one he's cheating on me with they are 3 girls... I asked myself how many girls am I gonna fight n why is he holding me down spending so much money on me n talking to my parents,planning his future with me n all of that while out there he's messing around...what can I do cause I love him so much and I know he loves me but I really don't understand if it was a revenge or he's tired of the relationship n just don't know how to tell me or what

  • @princessm you got tired so u cheated on him?wow and then he got tired and cheated on you...wowwww...what goes around comes back around...

    hmmm ditch him..and stay single and concenterate on anything other than relationships..clearly u arent matured enough to handle it..if u really really really want peace of mind...ditch everything ...stay away from all these stupid relationship hangamas and get a grip on urselves..because girl if u continue in this path....the hurt u r feeling now wont be anything compared to the hurt u feel later....dont destroy urself...pick up whatever is left of u and leave...no matter what happens..no matter how much he begs and no matter even if he threatens to commit suicide...coz from where i am standing u guys arent meant for eachother....because this is not how love is supposed to feel or be or do to u.

  • @princessm you should take a break and concentrate on something else. He is a shyt

  • @princessm what's really hurting me the most is the fact that have sacrificed n invested so much in this relationship to the point that I am feeling like a looser but yet again if I still go back there's every chance he will do worse things to me that I won't even recover from I just have to pick up the pieces left n move on

  • @khaleezi91 wow I think am feeling better by just reading this 😘😘😘🙏🏽 Thanks u are very right

  • @pari thanks

  • @khaleezi91 thanks for the advice

  • Well, 1. your boyfriend is an absolute JERK! Double frick to him. and 2. don't see your worth decreased by people's unability to see your value!!!!!!!!!

  • @sarcasmworksss you are right cause I honestly felt worthless with words that was coming out from his mouth n how I was treated

  • @princessm you know what..nobody knows your boyfriend here more than you does..don't take any decisions in hesitation and anger.
    I told you to take a break for few days or weeks, calm yourself down and think about what happened between both of you. Step in his shoes as well and think from his side too and your side as well.
    Don't breakdown momentarily.
    Clashes happen in any relationship you can't escape from it. You should find a solution for it. If you couldn't find even after you gave a thought in your break time, then you can go ahead and do as you wish. So please don't feel bad. God bless ya

  • @pari Amen n you too 🙏🏽Thanks

  • Gamers

    Until you guys feel comfortable enough talking about your feelings to one another, things aren't going to get any better. The fact you've both cheated on one another is just an action, you need to really go in to the motives of why before you can build trust back up again.

    It's not about "he/she cheated and I've forgiven them so why can't we move on"? It's more "the person I trusted most in the world would rather go behind my back than talk to me about our problems". How is he going to assure you that he'll be there for you when the going gets tough? How are you going to make him feel the same way? Because both of you have shown that when things get difficult, you would rather find comfort in someone else than work it out between yourselves.

    I really wish you all the best, but something's got to change.

  • So you cheated on him and then he cheated on you...
    You both are made for each other.
    Do the only thing you can move on and find someone else.
    And this time try to talk about the obsessive ex girlfriend if he has any instead of going and cheating on him.

  • It's my birthday tomorrow and I would have love to be around pple celebrate n all but with how I feel I don't feel like seeing anyone or talking to anyone is that normal

  • @princessm well you just broke up, you are sad, so pretty normal..

  • i know i have already given my advice
    but i really want to emphasize this that THIS IS UR LIFE DECIDING POINT.
    u can continue to be with that cheating bastard in the name of some godforsaken love and be treated without any respect and also lose ur self respect..and finally feel so low about urself that u resort to alcohol and drugs and be an addict and die due to overdose..after destroying everything u ever cared about.
    u can completely ignore and avoid that cheating retard...cry for a month eat lots of grilled chicken and low fat icecream..join a gym..sweat like hell...(it makes ur endorphins go up making u feel good)..tone up ur body more...meet a cute guy who has no exgf dragging baggage and no cheating genes...and live happily ever after provided u learn to communicate ur feeling and dont mess up by sleeping around.

    life is a one time thing...and there are 6 billion people...finding true love is hard....but it will become harder if u dont let go of the that cheating monster and stay stuck in the past.

    respect is the most important thing in a relationship...if someone denies u ur respect ...what should u do?
    do u really think that if u go back to him..he is going to magically develop respect for u?girl u will be nothing but garbage for him...DONOT LET SOMEONE DO THAT TO YOU.

    someone who loves you doesnt destroy you this way dear..so knee him once where the sun doesnt shine and get out.....because u r better than u believe.

    or or the best revenge from a medic's point of view..gift him a 'penile fracture'.read about it...

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