• Which do you think girls prefer? And why
    And which do you know guys want?

  • Well that's another question, where sides are divided.

    Some girls/women are liking husbands, because "something forbidden tastes better", but another side likes just some guy which is free and single.

    The same goes for us, men. Some would like wife, some would like just a girl.

    I prefer single girl/women. I know how is to be cheated on, and it's not fun :)

  • @Futushimo hahaha cheating can come from any side, single or married

  • The gentleman like me prefer to Woman be my life partner. I will love her with all of my hearth and soul. I will keeping her whenever she is in.

  • Message me I will tell you

  • @Mr-Bey-Junior "I will keeping her whenever she is in." someone call the hostage negotiators

  • @sreenie me?

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  • Cheaters always suffer from an identity crisis, be it a boy(girl)friend or a husband (wife). Human beings, in my opinion, were born polygamous until they realised the importance of loyalty and monogamy. 'Boy(girl)friend' suggests freedom as you have no legal bondage. Marriages provide more of social sanction and legal security — meaning, we are less likely to cheat due to fear of being exposed. However, I can see so many marriages full of extramarital affairs. I do not think human beings like to be cheated or enjoy losing their partners. Most human beings wish to be loved and be trusted. However, this innate polygamous nature makes them promiscuous. In every way, divorces and breakups have no ideological difference. So, a mentally matured human being will perhaps try to control his/her polygamous nature and seek for a more persistent-consistent relationship or let's say a so-called "happy married life". I personally had many "crushes" whom I never proposed until I proposed the person I love from my soul. This person was a friend from my school days. However, due to religious differences and strong communal objections, we could not get married. So, in my personal opinion, it is wiser to get married rather than being in a temporary relationship for a long period of time. The terms 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' are meant to signify temporary relationships where at least one of the partners is destined to suffer from a severe and real "psychological condition" called heartbreak if the relationship breaks. However, divorces are absolutely equivalent, or sometimes more severe than breakups because at least one of the partners is likely to expect a lifelong relationship through the marital bondage. Marriages are, no wonder, often more inert to breakup, even after brief turmoils, than live-in relationships!

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  • @anonymous92 well said. I very well understand your point of explanation and everything, however, I believe that marriage is not just suppose to be sacred, but it is sacred according to the bible. What marriages provide is way more than " social sanction and legal security", and the fact that " people are scared to cheat because they're scared of being exposed" is as well as I know not the main reason why people don't cheat, it may be part of but if I'm to speak as a Christian I'd say " only those who are not good Christians stay in marriage based on the above quote, but a good Christian who knows he's or her root stay in marriage because they understand what marriage means to Christ, they follow and understand the teachings of Christ about marriage and do as He (Jesus) says.
    As for relationships, one cannot be lagally or forcefully be tied down to a boy or a girl except such one has made commitment by way of a proposal, introduction to the family or truly bound by love.
    As for me, I don't really enjoy spending years dating a guy if the relationship has no headway, marriage to me is "key".

  • @xoyee I second you, Xoyee, in complete agreement. Although I am not a Christian officially, I too believe that marriage is a sacred bond with the blessings of the Almighty. I have seen several cases where an initially difficult case of marriage revived completely when the couple understood that their bond was sanctified by the Divine and that they should respect it. This is the power of religion or spirituality that can actually nullify all conflicts (in contrast to what we find in the mundane world where people fight in the name of religion). I do not think different religions have very different things to teach but, in fact, the basis of all the religions is mostly the same. These days, however, I find too many atheists around me for which I often restrain from giving references to religion or spirituality. With a simple brain what I perceive is that only God can salvage us from all the upheavals in our lives because when we start believing in God and his blessings, we actually start respecting his virtues in our own lives and implementing them to resolve all the issues related to leading our lives with a sacred lifestyle.

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