• Why men always do cheat on her wife? And drunk?

  • hey
    There must be a reason he cheated, mind to tell me whole story

  • @Harshit-Sharma tell me

  • no I mean what happened, did you man cheated or what?

  • @Harshit-Sharma with other girls relationship

  • Ohk, ofcourse he should do like it, but lets us examine the facts, he left you and got engaged with other girl, why a man leaves, there has to be something that is not in you that he found in other girl, right from you may cause much expense to his pocket right till you dont sleep with him, there has to be a reason, whats that?

  • @Harshit-Sharma so all about only sex huh?

  • I am just saying this from that man point of you, ofcourse he shouldnt do like it, and I know you wont like it but thats the truth its better he left you, because if someone cant stay commited to a relatationship he only committed then ofcourse he dont worth a girl's precious time and heart

  • @Harshit-Sharma then what's the point of marriage? After divorce girls dont have another life in our country.... they broke our family just like that for sex.... bull shit

  • @poojakumar i know someone who's a horrific serial cheater and i'm not sure why he does it, although it's not the worst thing he's done to be honest

  • Ok, see I it in this way, there are 2 questions let me answer them,

    marriage is when you think this the person I can trust upon, see everything is a part of world, sometimes people do fight, sometime they love, sometime they get bored, everything will come in the path after marriage, but if both the party(man and woman) have been truthful to each other and both are a good person by heart (i mean no have the intention of just troubling other) that marriage is succesfull thats is what marriage is..

    secondly after divorce, divorce is when you think that the other party(man or a woman) is been causing issues and delibrately not trying to solve them. if thats the reason then you should get a divorce, life doesnt end after that

  • I know several people who are divorced, may be they re marry or they live like that, the whole intention is you dont have to trouble anyone and try to understand other party their like dislike their needs ... if other is also doing the same then its perfect, if they are not. then occur that divorce thing

  • @Harshit-Sharma thank u for answering me. U r right. But men being addicted to alcohol is cause all of this in my story. Understanding, love, affection all things i have.... but he cheated.... thats all

  • I believe addiction of anything is bad, thats the quote from the doctor addicted to healthy food is too bad, but if all this started due to alcohol, then my dear I guess he needs you badly, ofcourse he might be doing several thing that's hurting you but all over and above that if you love the man then I you should help him, I dont know how big is the mistake and I am not saying to forgive him, but help him.

  • "Addiction can only be removed by a person who love the soul who is in addiction"

    a famous quote. Hope you have heard it.
    If you are getting love affection and you too have the same feeling, then damm the society and people, you gotta help that man. and get it out of that addiction

  • @poojakumar You There?

  • @Harshit-Sharma yeah i manage to help him. I spend my entire life to love him and entire money to help him. But he have an affair with an another girl. So my dedication and loyalty is useless for him. Well then People always says its a girls mistake.... like u do....6 years mrg life its not easy one to break it. But he did. I dont care abt him anymore.

  • @anniegrace honest? Duh

  • @poojakumar Now I get the whole part, Its really hard on your part I can understand, I know for a woman its unbearable something like this and obvious for everyone even if my wife would have done it then I wouldn't have cared about her, maybe he deserves forgiveness or not thats something only you can decide based on if he regretting and also more importantly if he had and currently do have a care and love for u, as if he had then he will be doing after wards too

    But before taking the step of divorce you should listen his part too his answer of why, see everyone makes mistakes, for a girl I guess dad is their hero sometimes he too makes the mistake, please judge very closely and observe is hand movement when you ask him "why"

    if you even wants to take a divorce then you can too take it after asking "why" you just have to ask one simple question " Its fine you had this, but I want now you to come clean to me, and tell me very honestly, what was the reason, I mean the other girl you were attracted to other girl was she beautiful was I boring or what? and please carefully listen to the answer because his answer will very clearly tell you if he is prone to do it again or not? if he is then we'll discuss whats the best we can do in this case,

  • @poojakumar Just one correction in first para. as if he dont have it then he will be doing this afterwards too