• Here's a question: Is there anything more intriguing, more fascinating, than the sight of a submerged airplane? Name one thing. You can't, can you? Because there's nothing. Eh?

    A submerged airplane is the most intriguing thing you can ever see.

    If you see a submerged airplane? That's it. You're going to be INTRIGUED. Try to think, just use the WHOLE of your imagination to try and think of something MORE intriguing than a submerged airplane. Nothing, is there? There's nothing.

    Just imagine walking next to the sea, or a river, and you look down into the depths and just see.a plane. You're going to be fascinated. You're going to be fascinated.

    What are you doing still reading this? Just try thinking of ONE MORE THING more intriguing than a submerged plane, and tell me. It can't be done. It simply can't be done.

    Because you've got some water, maybe murky, or with ripples on top, and then underneath there's a PLANE, and it shouldn't be there. What's the story? You're going to be thinking about it for the rest of your life. You'll be standing there, hugging yourself, desperately trying to THINK, and use your imagination to come up with just SOMETHING more intriguing than a submerged airplane. And you won't be able to because there's nothing. Go on. Go on. Tell me one more thing.

    submerged 1.jpg
    submerged 2.jpg
    submerged 3.jpg

  • thats dope

  • @Indrid-Cold How about a beached submarine? Potentially the other side of that coin alt text

  • dang man waste of a million dollars then again we become numb to beauty and forget the intriging person right beside us