What is beauty?

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    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is that truly so? I think our interpretation of what is beautiful heavily depends on our life experiences and culture. Like sideburns or bell-bottomed pants. But then some things remain beautiful across generations, like sunsets, Gothic architecture, or genuine smiles.

    What is beauty then? Is it a subjective illusion? can it be objectively measured?

  • @Fana such a nice topic. What I have learnt is
    a perfect harmony, measure, symmetry, order, equality and rhythm called harmony and beauty go hand in hand. Where there is harmony , equality , righteousness there is beauty.
    Of you think calmly you will realise that there is always a harmony between natural forces and that is why nature is beautiful

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    Thanks @Ash. 🙂 I see, so you consider harmony an attribute of beauty, right? That does make sense.
    And yet, I wonder, isn't chaos the natural order? Is not the world eventually moving towards disharmony? Then, is reality and existence turning less beautiful by each passing minute?

  • @Fana

    Then, is reality and existence turning less beautiful by each passing minute?

    Yes Fana . It's good that you got that thought and I believe that we all know what's happening among us in the society that's why that thought in you came out as words . People say everything will be better , world is still beautiful and I agree with them but we can't ignore the rotten part of an apple by focussing only on the healthy part.

  • @Fana that is a very easy question, everyone knows the answer but very less act. try asking yourself.

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    @Ash true true. What do we do then?

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    @Ash I hit a wall every time I try to look for an answer to this question and to any existential questions, really.
    I have been wondering what would be an ideal society, and I swear I can find no answer to it. It is impossible to create a society (at least with the current human ethics) that is "fair to all." There will always be those who struggle and those who don't need to, those who have everything and those who have nothing, those who live and those who die. Is this harmony? This relentless cycle of human existence? What good is "good" if the very definition of "goodness" is relative and not absolute? Is one person's life more precious than another's?

  • @Fana beauty lies in a perfect absolute truth but in our present world we can't go away from modifications. What's perfect and absolute never needs modifications.
    Fun fact : I asked you to realise the answer to one question and in turn you asked me three to four questions 😂
    See , that's what we lack , realisation.
    First of all , when you try to realise what to do with this chaotic still beautiful world around you please don't think on it on behalf of all human beings,just think what an individual like you , what YOU can do . There is no general answer to what to do because people have different capabilities. But there is a general view - removing the rotten part of the apple. According to your power , your wealth,your strength and your wisdom you contribute how much you can in removing the rotten part.
    Rotten part doesn't refer to the hellish side because no one is bad in this world we got sufferers no bad people. Rotten part refers to those heart polluted by negativity and tho hearts which make people suffer. It also refers to the poverty, hunger and sad things we see around us
    Remove the bad qualities not the person holding bad qualities. 🙂

  • @Fana A world with no suffering is possible only when there will be harmony among people but this is not possible in this world.
    Rich , Happy people (low population)
    Poor or sufferers(high population)
    ↑ it's hard to kill that gap but with great effort it's possible to reduce the gap and quantity to this ↓
    Rich , happy people(high population)
    Poor , sufferers (very low population)

  • @Fana beauty is just people who do what they want. Kinda. Obviously murders aren’t beautiful.

  • it's a feeling... an inspiration that fills you with humility and wonder, lulling as it humbles. It brings you to your knees and raises you to the heavens.


    it may just be a double bacon cheeseburger and a frostee

  • @Fana, my view is that beauty is highly subjective, and I believe we need to keep in mind what it is: An evolutional tool driving people toward their interests and their best selves. It is not an absolute, measurable concept, and yes, some things stay beautiful across the ages, which points toward those things being interesting and important to a deep layer of our senses, that goes beyond culture. If seen as an evolutional tool driving humans toward passion and individual progress, it becomes apparent how our society adapted itself into a beauty-defining mastermind. Once you control what most consider beauty by examples and propaganda, you can control at least part of what the future might look like.

  • @Fana I believe that's why we have beauty influenced by time, culture, regions, religions, ethnic groups, nationalities, philosophies, ideologies, memes, media, and so on, but still, some things are universal like the sunrises, architectural marvels, clear or massive bodies of water, fruits, friendly emotions expressions.

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!!

  • I do think it really is whatever you decide it is. Anything can be beautiful if you pay attention to it or choose to see it as such or are conditioned to view it that way.

  • @Fana hi

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    @Fana Beauty is an expression of homosexuality

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