• You might not have witnessed it in great detail, it being a usual incident- the tolling of the church bells for two very opposite reasons. Many smile when the bells toll in marriage and many remain sombre and gloomy when the bells ring in funeral. For the common layman, this is what life is all about. Living, eating, professing, and taking rest in the natural shelter shall He wills. For many, this is not routine, and the ideal is too utopian. Previously I had talked about the various challenges such classes of people face, and let it be made an established fact that they might have their own reasons and are bound with chains that resonate from cause to effect. We might not see it right away, but beyond those eyes, behind that fake grin, there is a hurt soul that needs a remedy.
    Finding new people is not hard. All you need to do is drop a hello, and find platforms on which you can interact with those people. Make sure that the people are truly willing to talk to you, and be aware of any phishers or scammers online. There is a very simple test which you can use to test the authenticity of the person on the other end. Use subtle words, talk like a lady/gentleman and also use non-materialistic words, and a greater use of abstracts. It is surely going to be a handy sieve which can help you in noticing weird character behaviour, or maybe, even the true nature of that person. After you find a person, you move on to step two.
    Step two is quite time taking but if done efficiently, can make you the happiest person in the room. Avoid trusting too much, and avoid instigating, scepticism, or talking about negative things. If you deviate from trusting the other person a little too much, you are then most likely to be mistaken for a person who likes spreading negativity, and it can have a bad influence over your own character. Complicated, right? That’s human psyche for you! Well, at least what has become of it in these days. Anyways, after you clicked with your friend, real or virtual, just make sure you don’t talk about your emotions in a very showy or a very frequent basis. If you feel a strong bias to let out, it is better to do it alone than in front of someone else. Screaming at walls is what many people use to seek relief but it is not as efficient as controllably talking with the other person. By control, I mean using very subtle words to ebb your feelings. Like a ship on smooth sea, that will get the other person to understand your situation better.
    Make sure that you have established effective communication with your friend. This is key to maintaining any form of relationship, be it friendship, relationship or whatever. Trusting is a limiting factor, but maintain a justifiable amount, not an overwhelming one. You only get to trust someone else once! The second opportunities, or so they are called, are hollow. You only have one shot at making your impression, and in a way calm and amiable way, you can win other’s trust. Don’t go overboard by being too open, or this will leave you empty shall the person leave you. It is a mistake that I frequently commit, and it is a flaw within my deep self. Entities erased within a single day, with too much reliability on their shoulders. What a mess, honestly.
    Anyways, make sure that the person is accepting, ready to listen, and there to help you shall you struggle to be normal. Remember this however, you are interacting with another human, so it is entirely possible that he or she might not be there all the time shall you need them. They might be dealing on something on their own. Shall in these lines of friendship or acquaintance, you find as little as a wrinkle or a breach in trust; walk away while you are still sane. It will amaze you to know how many people are out there in the world to break you.
    If the other person is not there for you when you feel really low, abstain from extremities, and use methods like meditation and Spotify playlists to help you.
    In this way, you establish that you want to take care of yourself better by giving first aid, and just waiting until help arrived. Don’t blurt, speak. And you will have your problems sorted in no time.