• I'm not implying that some anthropomorphic or any sentient entity created anything. Maybe space-time has always been.:yin_yang: Don't let the symbol fool you; I'm not a Chinese Buddhist. But what if nothing started space-time? What if it has always been? Would it change your worldview in any way, and if so, how?

  • Space/time is an illusion created by the brain, reality is dimensionless, and unchanging

  • Even if there was a higher being or beings or something that created everything what could the community that believes that do to impact or change it otherwise? Not enough people put stock into this subject so guess it’s widely accepted and known we all just deal with it on our slow march to death.

  • It cannot be that it has always existed. As you may know everything in this universe is trying to reach a resting state, so by its laws, there must have been something that has forced it out of this order in order for it to try and reach this state again.

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