• How do you YOLO the right way? Or do you?

    I honestly believed that whatever you sow while you’re alive is also what you’ll reap. Whatever seed you have planted is also the fruit you’ll harvest.
    I don’t know about you, but for me, I undoubtedly think/know/feel that there’s someone bigger than any of us here. Someone who watches every deed we make; one who is omniscient, I can say.

    Share me your thoughts :)

  • @Shay12 Without a hand-book or a manual to follow some we make up as we go along. Sometimes life throws things at us either terrible or wonderful that catch us completely off guard. Live, learn, grow. Partake in as many of life's countless experiences as you feel comfortable with. Deal with the struggles and strife as best you can. Expect the unexpected, and always try to accept yourself, and others. Also, enjoy the ride

  • @Lazz thank you for your simple yet wise words! Will surely take this by heart

  • @Lazz will find time to check these :)

  • @Shay12 Thank YOU for offering such a thoughtful (and thought provoking) topic. It's good to see a steady return of thinkers, and dreamers, here! And a belated WELCOME, to you!

  • @Shay12 Oh. I thought you'd enjoy the titles, at the very least. :winking_face: