You know, I survived 2 suicides= ok now I know wonderful how you feel now ??
    (not attempts) by The way it's 2 times exactly you mentioned it, plus untill you are successful it's attempts I hope its clear for you too or else I can agree for disagree lmao🤣🤣🤣!! ,
    Yes, I have the clinical sickness=Bravo!! Lovley more valid reasons to seek attention form surroundings also feeling Pitty and low oh dear boy !!
    You will feel that in your life.= What way to feel and how ?? Well now I cant stop lmao 🤣😜!!
    Someday you will look back, and say, well which day you think it might be ?? please Enlight me ??
    "I DID THAT SH*T before"= wow amazing yes indeed I said this word zillion times how you know?? Telepathy innit ?? My feeling and thoughts both you know, good god bless you keep it up!!I as far as I remember I did say to lot of all kind of drugs addicts , wild fantasy and while sharing my life experience yeah !! Life is never easy.. I do not know that what is it ?easy hard it all you to put it for yourself , what is it life or to be live ?
    It will never be, it will keep getting harder and harder...well stop feeding lies to your own brain and manipulate it to Belive for yourself I guess ??
    that's why, YOU NEED TO LEVEL UP. What level up I know how to level up in game virtual reality?? Please Enlight me how to do it ??
    If you dwell in sadness, do it = Where did you hear that ??

    " Your GROWTH will depend on you. Not from me, or other people, but ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? It IS hard. Depression? " Fucking no ideasjot sir , sorry out of my head need to decipher it please !!
    You are just experiencing it's first symptoms.. = well what symptoms I do not have Corona I shall express it here if I have any??
    . I experience Major depression 3 months a year since I was 16. = So I didn't knew depression comes as season every year 3 months 90 days wow sowhich month is a depression season for you ?? this is fascinating to me, would like to know more about your seasonal depression story ?? It's certified innit ?? By some clinical certified idiots !!
    says thatTrust me,= well for what joy I need to trust you?? I don't trust no one than myself so
    you will get used to it. What is it will get to used to it ?? SLOWLY AND CAREFUL, until you won't give a Sh*T.h ok I never gave one!! I lost the grip, so now what was it all about again ??

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