What do we think?

  • Soul Searchers

    Hey folks... Hope everything is going good..
    So now some lines in thinking.....

    If u r depressed,then u r thinking about n ur failure only....
    If u r full of stress,then u r thinking about u n someone or something else... Hence u have to think twice in different ways, that's why u r stressed as our normal mind can think about one thing or one person at a tym. When u r forcing ur mind to think about different things at a typ, then only u will feel stressed..

    If u r happy,then u r thinking about moments...when u r thinking abut a good or memorable moment then ur mind will consider it as a memory n it will stay in ur mind.. when ur mind grants it as a happy memory then only u can feel happiness.

    If u r sad, then u r thinking about incident.. like the incidents that u didn't want to be in.. Then ur mind consider it as a negative memory.. and as u know negative is more powerful than positive, hence u will be remembering negative moments for next few days or few years, but u won't remember that positive moment which made u happy earlier...
    Do u know how to control these thoughts? It can chage ur life.. Just try to find something good in every incident or every situation. I know it's hard to do, but when u solve a hard question in ur exam instead of a easy one, u feel more confident.. isn't it? We can get bad times only but not bad life.. By adding two negatives u can make a positive (--=+*). "Impossible" itself says "I m Possible". So go ahead with more negative,less positive. End of the day u will get a positive for sure. 😊

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