• I have been making friends online for over 4 years now. I seriously got invested in it when I was staying in Houston for an exam. People from all around the world would gather in a hotel and study for this exam and that's where I got to experience different cultures that this world has to offer. In my free time I would learn so much about them and then eventually it kind of became a norm for me. I soon started realizing different ways to relate with many of them too. Meeting someone from the same country that I already had the pleasure of meeting someone from before was a treat. I would tell them stuff that I learned from before and they would be delighted to hear that I took some interest in how things are for them back home. Be it simply words or a random fact. I had some cool and funny exchanges too with these people. A friend from Philippines told me they have a feast in honor of a saint where people come to their house to feast without questions asked and they cook food all day to prepare for the guests. I met a Swedish guy and he told me that the government encourages to get education by paying people to go to school. I met a Polish girl and she showed me the videos of her wedding, which was very interesting lol. The groom has to tuck his head inside the bride's dress and untie a ribbon tied around her leg using only his teeth :D. I got to celebrate Holi and Diwali with friends on multiple occasions. I met a friend from S. Korea who bragged a lot about music from his country and I had no idea about Kpop back then, of course for him it was just music and he never called it Kpop :D, it wasn't till @Ella-26 enlightened me how incredible Kpop really is lol. My friend from Russia and Poland introduced me to Pierogi which were the most amazing dumplings i ever had.I met my boys from Ghana and Nigeria, they always wanted me to dance to music they liked and I loved every single minute I spent with them they were the most energetic of the lot. I met amazing Americans of course in my journey, a girl on the front desk put a cheesecake slice in front of me a day before my exam when I was reviewing and whispered "You need to eat" and walked away. There was a guy from Germany who really wanted me to learn German lol. His sense of humor was amazing, he said German is gonna be the only language that will matter in a few years, of course he was joking. I had a team of Americans with me a couple of months back, some were students from the University of Alabama and some were a lot senior than me but I had an amazing time working with them, they were very professional but fun to work with. I think I had the honor of meeting all these amazing people from around the globe and I learned something here and there from all of them. This is the reason I still come back to sites like TWS to make a new friend across the sea and I value every opportunity that presents itself. Share what is your reason to be here on TWS and we can have a bit of a discussion :)

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    @Bark24 I enjoy your posts 🙃

  • @Bark24 Meeting new people with a variety of interests is one of the most potent way to invigorate our desire to meet more. It's amazing to know that you enjoy discussing culture, society and psychology of various places. I do feel when we try to understand the diversity of culture and society, we gain the ability to accept a greater variety of people in real life too. Kudos to you for your positive pursuits! We're yet to meet though!

  • @Bark24 In my job i work with Spanish, Russian, polish, Venezuelan, Romanian and moldovan people and it is a pleasure, we're constantly exchanging interesting cultural stuff and it's the most harmonious working environment I've ever experienced. We are all great friends and the language barriers mean we have to really listen to each other and be patient. I love the diversity of it and the new things we learn. Every day is interesting

  • @Scottish that sounds amazing man. Yea I love meeting from around the world as well. It's always nice to explore different cultures :) thank you for sharing.

  • @ItzMeXavi Thank you so much :) Much appreciated

  • @anonymous92 thank you so much for your input :) I agree it makes you more receptive to difference in opinion too. And yes we are yet to meet hope to run in to you someday on pubchat :D

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