• Manipulation (or persuasion) can be used to change the behavior or perception of others (guess that I've answered the first part of my question...). One might have "good" intentions, but get "bad" results. This is not a question of intentions. We've all thought that we were doing the right thing, at some point, and we were terribly wrong about it. The question is; Is the existence of this "technique" harmful or not?

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    @D1Vne Um...just to put in some side thoughts ...Manupulation is not that easy to acheive..ppl wont get manupulated that easy. Not talkin abt today only but..During the times of Hitler tooo. Just to give a basic idea of what i mean..its that The first World War had several consequences N that kinda went bad on the Germans.Hitler just offered them something they needed at that time.soooo,Manupulation depends a lot on the situation N it is really hard to get the trust of ppl.which Hitler had got..

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    Manipulation is, how I understand it, changing the outcome of something using actions which arent in line with the principle system or the morality system.

    Manipulation is completely natural, and is made for us to exploit. From materialistic manipulations of basic laws of nature to give us the luxurious life, to simple manipulations of behaviour to give us desirable results.

    It is not the act of manipulation which is harmful, but I would argue, that the intent is.
    Take this anecdote. A leader manipulated his people into fighting the enemy nations. Now in one instance put the leader as Hitler, and in the other as Churchill. Both did the same acts of manipulations, but history treats one kindly and the other not.

    Very well said. I've never expected to get a complex answer, well, here.
    Now, let's analyse the facts. They both had grand ideas about the future (Let's just ignore the "politics" and "semantics" here) and thought that was the way to go further. Evidently, one lost and the other won. What does this say about the topic or, even, common seance?

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    @D1Vne Um..yea..that was..a far-reaching thought of Manipulation.Thxx.
    Tho..just if we think abt it...the true sense of the word is wrapped around us.more than we know...atm..N well in every other thing..like elections ,drug companies N stuff we r being manupulated..sooo yeah..its kinda the 'Indirect' applying of the word at present..

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