• THANKS INTERNET. 😱You made me fear girls, and now in learned that girls are lewd too. THANKS FOR Ruining my childhood hopes and dreams🤭 jk

    So we are all here for one reason or another. Some to build love interests (we all have heard of catfishing)
    Some are here to ....find fairy dust💉💊 (for lack of a better word)
    But with all of that, we are still here. So this begs the question, how do you see the Internet?
    Evil? good?

  • @NoroTorVerse
    Internet well kind of help me a lot

    1. With Internet, i can buy online stuff with Internet
    2. With Internet, i found this site
    3. With Internet, i can make more money (forex trading)
    4. With Internet, i found a lot of fellas here
    5. With Internet, i became a manager in such young age, like you know, it needs like 10 years at least if you want to be a manager in the past
    6. With Internet, i could watch any movies, listen any music even whatever things i want.


  • @NoroTorVerse Internet is a great thing! What would we do without sites like Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia or PornHub? 😁