anyone here beleive in seances and stuff?

  • i tend to have my doubts and shy away from it. but have any of you ever dabbled with it? ouija boards and tarot cards and such? can we really communicate with those that have passed? i have read so many wanna see if they can contact kobe and his daughter now. my bible taught me the dead know nothing and are at rest til judgement. should i beleive?

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    when someone dies their souls are not here between us anymore. What they communicate with these stuff are spirits not belonging to humans. I strongly believe in this. These spirits can be good or mostly evil. they can change their looks and voices to the humans we wanna see. I had done some researches last year cause I was so curious. I talked to some of the people who claim they contact with dead people. They would get money and then contact and would tell u the exact look of ur dead one and even some stuff about the dead that no one knows. I had someone close in them who told me the truth

  • anything is possible for reality

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