• I am 16 years old got kicked out of high school but working towards a GED and I work with dogs. I'm always tired and just don't want to do anything.

  • Just keep hanging in there, I was also kicked out of school at 17 but trust me the world views G.E.D.s and high school diplomas as the same lol you will still get a job and can go into college if you want one day. Do everything at your own pace and dont worry about what others are doing... They arent living your life or dealing with your emotions.

  • @010604-Aj Small things really make a huge difference. So like, I know you have your work, but on the days you don't still make sure you're getting dressed and going out even if it's just for fifteen or twenty minutes.

    Talk lots with people who don't judge and will encourage you. Avoid negative people. Hang on the the small moments which make you smile, treasure them, remember them, and don't let them go. When a bad thing happens, teach yourself to spot positives others wouldn't see. Read. Choose caring, even when the world hurts you and tries to make you hard. Encourage people. Believe in better.

  • @Matt_Aranha completely agree. Matt has said every important thing in this matter