Anti single mother chat

  • I'm looking for someone that doesn't like single mothers. My mother was a horrible parent and I would like to hear someone go in on her

  • Sorry about you past, mate. I agree that, in a lot of situations, single-motherhood is a dark thing. The economy of my country (the UK) could almost certainly do better than just letting them dine out on benefits.

    However, the idea of people just casually having kids for no real reason ...I mean, that might be true, but isn't that just what the human race does? 99.9% of everything we do is thoughtless and lazy.

  • Thank you Indrid for supporting my post. My mother is whore who values D over the needs of her children. She did some heinous things to me. I want to hear some hard core insults about these trash beings.

  • @scapegoatdghtr
    Hi, sorry for your fucked up mother. She must be a real selfish bitch for you to be here.
    I'm a 60 year old Male with a beautiful daughter, 33.... to the most selfish person I've ever met, in 60 years!!!
    I think I can relate to your post, but from a dad's view is all.
    I'll chat to you anytime,
    Good for you.

  • @scapegoatdghtr i think it's your mum's horribleness that's the issue rather than her singleness, lots of great single mums and lots of evil attached ones. Sorry to hear your pain bro, been down a similar path but mine was married, then single, then married again, was consistently a fucked up bitch regardless of her relationship status

  • @Scottish cheers man.

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