• OK, it's Christmas now. THE ELECTION IS OVER AND NOW IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME --- OK? Therefore I thought I'd asx the TWS 'scene' - WHAT is your favourite Christmas song? Eh?

    If you want, I'll let you pick both a slow ballad AND an up-tempo track.

    Side-question: I think of Christmas and I think of 'So here it is, Merry Christmas' by Slade, and 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' by Wizard, and 'Walking in the Air' by Aled Jones -- to me, these songs ARE Christmas. And yet ...it occurs to me that these are all ENGLISH songs. If you're American, are you even AWARE of them? And if so, do you like them? Or are they just British nonsense?

    Happy Christmas Everyone! And don't forget: DON'T LET THE BELLEND.

  • @Indrid-Cold for me it's definitely julian casabkancas - i wish it was Christmas today, excellent song, i play it all year round, lovely bit of punk pop

  • @Indrid-Cold Hands down...

  • @Scottish said in Favourite Christmas Song...:

    julian casabkancas - i wish it was Christmas today

    NICE. He looks like M. Night Shyamalan yet he sounds like Lou Reed. That's a winning combo in my book.

  • @Matt_Aranha Lord almighty that's a good call. He sounds like an evil Meatloaf.

  • @Indrid-Cold said in Favourite Christmas Song...:

    @Matt_Aranha Lord almighty that's a good call. He sounds like an evil Meatloaf.

    Oddly enough there IS an especially strong Meat Loaf link to this song! Jim Steinman, Meat's friend/writer/collaborator on his most famous works had been commissioned to write the songs for the Batman stage musical, based upon the two Tim Burton Batman movies and potentially directed by Burton himself. Shit went down at Warner Bros, Burton ended up not directing the third film, and along the way the musical project died. However fan David J Smith, with Steinman's blessing, was given the okay to fill in some of the blanks and write a few of the absent numbers in the Steinman style himself based on the information he had about the script, a sort of "what if?". This was one of those songs, which is probably why you can hear that certain Meat Loaf sound.

    Glad you approve anyway. It's a killer 😉

  • @Matt_Aranha Mmm. Y learn something every day. I'd say, 'It can't be worse than U2's Spider-Man musical' -- but I've got a secret soft spot for that shhh.