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    Do you guys have that special song that makes you feel funny inside? Not like you're about to puke or anything, but gives you the feeling as if an ethereal like calmness washes over you similar to that of a tidal wave? 'Cuz, I do.

    And then I have that song that has me on a roller coaster, making emotions rush through me at incomprehensible speed. Like the tendrils of the wind blowing through my hair when riding my bike down the highway.

    What about you?

  • This song: Sarah McLachlan - Angel

  • @sup I may be too enthusiastic, but 13 Reasons Why is the bestest series I have ever seen on Netflix (I've only watched The End of the F***ing World, and Cable Girls, so yeah)
    @QueenGrack the series is based on a book, but it's not that good, so I recommend you watch the series before

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    I have no clue what you are talk abt ^.
    My current favorites are:

  • Freedom Writers

    @sup WOAH, did the chick kill herself? And is this based off of a movie? Please let this be a movie, I wanna watch it.

    Also, I like the Demon by Imagine Dragons and of course, the last one A Thousand Times.

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    @queenbee Its a not-so-good show (yes I judge things without trying em)


    2nd season is coming soon

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    @sup Thank you, I'm gonna go search it up now and binge-watch it. XP

  • Freedom Writers

    @liliputian The song is so long and slooooow. lol, but it's pretty.

  • @queengrack my song is champagne supernova by oasis.

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