• i just feel like i no longer have friends. i used to have a little group of friends, but we started to tear us apart. we don't hang out anymore, we don't have nothing to talk about. people usually think that i'm too young to think about this, considering that i'm 14. but what can i do? i only know people of my school and i feel like i need to do new experiences because my life is boring and always the same. i can't express myself and i feel constantly empty. do you?

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    maybe it's time to find a new circle of friends to hang out with? or just try to find good online buddies who would allow you to express yourself freely. at your age, expressing yourself is super important, so definitely don't give up the search just yet :)

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    I feel lonely very sadly.. I’ve never felt as attracted to anyone else as I am to you.

  • @giorgia-angeloni hey Giorgia i had moments like that at your age and i always found something good turning up and great new people appearing who i could relate to. This will happen with you too, just have a fiddle around with your social compasses a little, maybe join a club that has an interest to you. I always found libraries a good place to run into new people on my wavelength. Also gigs, if you like the same bands its a good way to bond. I've now had the same close circle of friends for 25-30 years. Things will look up soon, just when you're least expecting it. Chin up buttercup and best wishes to you x

  • Yes too much but not anyone

  • @giorgia-angeloni i get super lonely. i live in the countryside in the middle of nowher with just my dad :(

  • I know the feeling, I used to find solace in discord when I was around your age... I still feel like that all the time and I'm scared of people so it's hard for me to make new friends, my advice is to keep on the up and uo. Maybe try joining a club or whatever to meet people with similar interests? online's a GREAT place to find friends and talk easily (for me it SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my anxiety) but make sure you can get some good peeps IRL too cuz I'm afraid "we" can only do so much... But I'm sure there are plenty of people here who share you're sentiment and will chat with you when others won't and that's myself included. So chin up hun and I hope you the best of luck <3

  • i can feel lonely anywhere, anytime. the truth is, ive been in a room crowded wit peeps and still felt lonely wishing someone could cure the pain

  • hey! how are you?

  • @tomatoketchup54 same brother, the same. It's crazy how you can be in a bar surrounded by friends and feel like the lonliest person in the world isn't it? I've had times where I've felt like that and wondered why nobody notices the screaming pain and gaping emptiness in my eyes coz i spot it straight away in others. It's fucked up man

  • I do. Why you ask?