• Umm. So, I think I'm a feminist. It'd probably be cliche quoting from Google the definition but I'm gonna say it anyways. Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. So, really, it's not like feminism is related to femininity; sure, on particular grounds, based on past happenings. Feminism is the equality of genders, and when I say genders, I mean more than two. Yes, that's right. People should be accepted fully irrespective of their sexual orientation; be it lesbian, gay, trans, bi, or as many as there are - I was just trying to generalize the common ones. Now, I might have gone a little off-track but safety is something that most of us crave; consent, security, privacy - all of which are found rarely today. Now, I don't only speak for women. Men are being suppressed or being treated inappropriately too.
    So, I'd like to put it out for those feminist-haters that you've got it out all wrong. Feminists are supposed to treat men and women equally, and so I intend to. And man-haters who call themselves feminists are also equally at fault. Sure, statistically, women have faced many more atrocities in the past and still continue to but that doesn't give anyone the right to suppress a gender. I think the change will come only when we embrace one another fully.
    That being said, have a happy life and don't hurt others.:slightly_smiling_face:

  • @Hellloooooooo yaa.. u r right.. but the term used by feminists themselves is in entirely wrong way.. they want women supremacy rather than equity.. and now the meaning has been exploited.. we should rather than being a feminism.. should be umm...humanism😅

  • @Hellloooooooo and also why the hell we should first see them as boy or girl and then talk on equal rights.. why even a debate about it. Why can't we just see them as humans and so equal rights. This must not be even a part of debate

  • Yes. Exactly. I completely agree with you. We should be gender-blind but it's a human trait to observe. So all I'm saying is that we must inculcate the mindset as to not look down at others, especially when it comes to genders.

  • And races. RIP George Floyd. Or any kind of inequality like that.

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