Being in the sea help me clean up my thoughts . Think positive and move forward

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  • I am most comfortable within the forests embrace. The trees, the animals, the whispers on the wind. The earth beneath my feet, and the smell of sage. Nothing can quite soothe the soul like nature.

    I can understand how the waves of the ocean could help one feel peace as well, though the sea frightens me more than it could ever calm me.

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    damn that's wild looks so beautiful out there have fun and be safe think happy thoughts my guy.

  • I am no coward. I will face anything if I must, but I would not enjoy it! Hahaha I can love it from the beach, but I will never go past waist deep; if I am given a simple choice. If a friend was in need, I would never hesitate to help, but some things you can not alter your way of thinking. Even in silly games I am afraid of deep water.

  • @alex-pierre nature is a balm to the soul for sure and offers calm to the mind even when it can't offer clarity. I too turn that way for solace, the beach, the sea, the woods, the hills, doesn't matter which, they all soothe me like nothing else can

  • @NewtTrouble When you get rid of frightens then and only then you can see the sea beautiful and greatness

  • @NewtTrouble I didn't mean to offend you. sorry

  • Ease your mind, I am not offended. :) I was merely explaining that even though the sea frightens me, I am not afraid to dive into it if necessary. I may have a fear of it, but fear is only a choice in the end. I could never truly enjoy as you do, and in a way I am envious because I can see the beauty in it. But I can only love it from afar in order to admire it such as you do.

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