Is it disrespectful to like other girls sexy/halfnaked photos on instagram when in a relationship?

  • is it disrespectful to like other girls sexy/half naked photos on instagram when you're in a relationship?

    i'd genuinely like to hear other peoples opinions on this, from any gender

  • I would get jealous and feel insecure she wants more or something better than me. so I would kinda mad

  • @alex_lexy this is exactly why it upsets me! and i've tried to talk to him about it but he doesn't understand. it makes me feel so insecure, and in general i feel like that's so disrespectful to your partner to do that! can you give me any advice on what you'd do?

  • If after you talk with him he doesnt get it or wants to change I guess you either stay and take it or leave. But usually for me, it's a deal breaker someone that doesnt take the extra mile for me.

  • @Scottish Thank you! that's exactly how i feel about it. The thing is though he's incredibly laid back and i've used the whole "how would you feel if it was the other way around" but he doesn't see my point. I really appreciate your reply though, it's made me feel a lot better in how i'm feeling

  • @Lurker that's what i'm afraid of, because that's exactly how i feel. i don't know how to show him how it's making me feel. Surely me even just mentioning it to him should make him realise

  • I usually say, if we are not feeling good about something we should change it, do so, you aren't happy with him and he doesn't make anything about it? Start over! 🤷

  • People are complicated. Watching Porn or staring at pictures isn't the same thing as going out and fucking those people... biologically speaking our prime directive is to reproduce - so finding outlets to relieve that biological urge without physically doing anything to break the trust in that relationship can be healthy, as long as you're somewhat open about it. You'll find many, many people throughout the course of your life that you may be sexually attracted to that is someone other than your partner... and what is the point in denying a fact? But, in the end we don't usually end up staying faithful and true with the people we love purely out of physical attraction, they usually tend to have qualities about them that transcend our baser instincts.

  • This literally happens all the time to me. People are all ways asking me for sex and nudes and all that stuff. I’m only 15! I do feel like it’s VERY DISRESPECTFUL especially if you are already with your own man that you love. It is very disrespectful I agree with you on that one. 😁

  • @Lurker he does make me happy though, and i don't want to throw it all away. This is just a thing that makes me feel insecure and i'm trying to fix it but have no idea how to get through to him

  • @Lurker wise words man

  • @Scottish maybe i should try it, just to try and get him to see my side of things. Honestly my self worth is incredibly low, another reason that this is such a big issue for me but i just know that i deserve better than this. Thank you so much for your advice and kind words

  • I don't wanna be mean but if something makes you unconfortable you should change it, if you can't and still decide to live it you are officially in a toxic relationship... Trust me... been there, done that and would do it again, is it healthy? No! But don't look at what I do look at what I say!

  • I think you'll find that most people (especially men) will sneak a peek if they think they won't get caught. This is an honest conversation better had with your boyfriend than internet randos... but, at least there's an openness about it. If he was trying to deny it, that'd be a lot more concerning in my op.

  • I wouldn't retaliate, i was speaking figuratively, it's best to be the person you are and want to be regardless of what others do. One of my philosophies i try to live by (and it stops me from being an asshole when i feel wronged) is this- it's better putting your energy into making your life better than someone else's worse.You seem a nice person, try to focus on that and value yourself x

  • @Lurker word, brother! I could have said this!

  • @Lurker it just completely blows my mind is all because A. i would never be liking photos like that in the first place, especially if i was in a relationship and B. if my boyfriend even hinted that he felt a bit insecure about it it would break my heart, i'd stop instantly and completely understand where he was coming from. But you can't judge other people on your own standards

  • @Scottish i know, i feel like it's definitely going to make or break us. Thank you that's really kind of you

  • @Scottish @Lurker it's honestly affecting me so much, plus (although i haven't noticed anything yet) i've just started new medication that's most likely gonna make me put on a bunch of weight too so it's all just adding up. I'm gonna try and talk to him about it.

    I am really tempted to, just to show him how much of a double standard it is but i just think it's unfair how i'd have to go to that length you know?

  • @Scottish no honestly i've just struggled with some toxic relationships before so my mindset is completely jumbled. I always feel as if things are my fault, not going into it but i have a bunch of other issues that are all thrown into this that make it worse.

    I semi addressed the insecurity issue and he sent me a message back explaining his feelings for me and trying to reassure me. I've written a long message about the instagram thing, the disrespectfulness and other things. Will send it in the morning now because he's gone to sleep and i'll have a bit of a clearer head by then.

    I really do just struggle with relationships, not even just romantically because of mental health, trust issues etc. So honestly hearing all of your opinions and kind guiding words has helped so so much

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