• I am a male age 50 years, married for 20 years, went out with her for 25 years, young love happy no matter what!! Love truly is blind. Yes horrible marriage, it's not that I want to say, it's the end of the marriage she was having one of her episodes I moved into my son's AGAIN, she had decided that it was over this time, after two weeks the police rang me and warned me to stay away from my wife my home and my youngest son, because of harassment it's my own fault I tried to talk to her. And she had moved on, I later found out a week after she got me out of the house, she'd met someone else, and I wanted to talk to him, eventually 3months after I got his number messages him to meet and 3 hours later I was arrested for stalking my ex wife. Now I'm looking at two to four years, because her old life was not needed anymore, and i curl up and die, not just me, her mum and dad, her brother, sister and niece. She hasn't got time for people that don't agree with her. So for God's sake anybody who gets even a sniff of narcissism get out, if you don't know what it is Google NPD before your family and friends are just a memory and your living through hell because you love your kids
    They don't care about you, because they can't care about anyone but themselves!! FACT Get out!!!

  • Indeed. And they say a woman cannot be a monster...