• @Indrid-Cold Preach, that's some dumb good advice and I'm glad to seeing people telling the right shit for once! Godspeed Indrid, godspeed

  • @Matt_Aranha said in Do you hide your faith?:

    @petrapark3r Paganism has been badly misrepresented in the media, from newspapers through to TV dramas. Unfortunately that's where a lot of people get much of their "information" and preconceptions about us from. I never actively hide my beliefs, but there are times when I'm aware it is more diplomatic to play them down.

    Yeah, you are right. It's not like faith must be the topic of every conversation...

    As an example, at the funeral of one family friend I attended my son's mother was wearing a pentacle quite openly. This oughtn't have been a problem. The priest who conducted the service was fine and cheery with her up until leaving the church when he was shaking hands with people. He was about to shake hers, noticed her symbol of faith, and immediately withdrew his hand, scowling at her, not meeting her eyes or communicating further.

    Another christian who doesn't live up to the name 🤦. But I wonder if you can blame him. It's not like that's part of their education. He might just be scared or not rooted deeply enough in his faith.

    Contrarily my Uncle and Aunt were also priests

    of what religion? In the catholic church for example only men can be priests. Among protestants there are no priests, just pastors...

    (I was confirmed C of E myself)

    what exactly does that mean?

    , and they couldn't be more supportive.

    of your paganism?

    We have the same views on pretty much everything - politics, human rights, ethics etc - and couldn't really give a rat's ass what faith somebody is so long as they are a good person.

    It's a good thing if people are able to think rationally instead of group-think. Now don't get me wrong, I believe it is fine to deduce things from your faith and view your world accordingly. By group think I mean "you atheist → you bad; you christian → you good"...

    The other situation I can think of where I don't always advertise my beliefs outright is when I'm on a dating site. I'll tend to list my beliefs as other and then once somebody already knows I'm a good person then might slide it into conversation. I think that comes from a concern about being pre-judged, something which wouldn't usually bother me at all but which in that situation I maybe wouldn't want someone I was compatible with to write me off prematurely because they thought something of me which wasn't true.

    Seems legit...

    To further complicate things I'm not a typical Pagan either, if there even is such a thing. I have a fairly unique belief system which I feel no need to explain and which fits what feels right to me, yet if a label must be applied Paganism is the one which most closely fits. It doesn't take any of the usual Pagan paths such as Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry, Shamanism, traditional witchcraft, Hoodoo, Native American and Celtic traditions etc

    (and because of that some Pagans might suggest I'm not a "proper" Pagan)

    How can Pagans suggest you're not a proper Pagan if they say follow shamanism, while druidry is also being a valid paganism to them? How can all those paths be equally valid for being pagan, but any other path not?

    yet contains elements of each of those. It stretches into other pantheons too - my spiritual practice involves some Buddhist elements, and in my home you will find representations of Ganesha and Athena from the Hindu and Greek pantheons respectively. When an acquaintance's young cat went missing for several days last year and was presumed dead it was Bast of the Egyptian pantheon I appealed (prayed) to.

    Then how do you determine what is true and what is not true? Do you have any anchor? You know what I mean?

    In the physical world for example, I rely on science to tell me what's true and what not in the sense that we have our theories and disprove them by experimenting. It's not an authority in this case but a methodology I rely on, that allows me to differentiate. (Don't ever believe to much in the authorities of science, always put the method first, the doubt, the checking)

    Gone off on a bit of a tangent there but I hope you found some of that at least interesting if not necessarily relevant.

    Definitely interesting. I have never encountered a proper pagan. Or an unproper one for that matter 😂.

    Nice topic!


  • @petrapark3r said in Do you hide your faith?:

    So you're actually a Pantheist? Would that fit?

    I would say not, when I've read about Pantheism (which I haven't done a great deal of, admittedly) it hasn't clicked with me and some of the ideas don't quite gel with my beliefs.

  • I always wondered if casual religious people actually have faith or if they play along just because it's more convenient than the alternative

  • @Cunt-Fistula said in Do you hide your faith?:

    I always wondered if casual religious people actually have faith or if they play along just because it's more convenient than the alternative

    Pretty sure they do. You can stop wondering. 😂

    And look what the bible says about that, here is Revelation 3,15: "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth."

    God would perfectly fit into the TWS community, wouldn't He? Always has a good comeback 😋

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