Imagine you knew your future

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    I think if ppl would know their future and destiny there would be alot more suicides tbh 😅 I mean, if you didn't like what you saw what would you do? Keep hoping it would get better? Well no... It wouldn't... So yeah, it would lead to that eventually. It would either be ppl super happy or supper sad! So i think it would be boring.

    Yeah, you might be right 😂. If it was all determined that might be the case indeed 😥... But say it isn't (you could also run from your destiny) and say you love that person and say the purpose scares you, but it isn't so bad 🤷

    Isn't that the same as how we live now? 😂
    Or you know what's gonna happen and you can either avoid it or live it? Is it something like that? Cuz if that's the case it's really boring as well 😛

    Fine, I respect your opinion Ms. Lurker...

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    wow such a creative question. I guess if we knew our future we might alter it because knowing whats going to happen will make life too boring.

    Hehe, if you knew everything yeah. That's not the case with this question however, you only know her and you know what your purpose is, not how it will play out. And yeah, you might want to alter it, if you don't like this purpose or the purson you're going to be with 😋, but imagine for a moment, that you actually love her. I wouldn't want to change my destiny 😂

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