Are men failing? Why?

  • @davitchen said in Are men failing? Why?:

    How are those numbers computed? If I'm not completely mistaken, heterosexual relationships in the western world were close to 100% (for women that is at least) minus a few priests and nuns...

    I didn't know that, but I was talking mostly about america and mostly liberal countries, whose reflect better the tendency when people are leaded by freedom (not entirely, but partially, ofc). And no, I did no research at all, this could just be a reflection of my own opinions 🙂

    Lol, I meant the numbers from @What-is-this's reply 😂

  • yes failing

  • @davitchen
    [1] Maybe this also depends on the location/region. In places where homosexuality is not allowed (i.e., the muslim communities), you won't see this girl-girl relationship.
    [2] Those who came from a serious break-up, sometimes, have tendencies to love those of the same sex (i.e., due to distrust, etc, etc.).
    [3] Booming gay population and environmental influence.

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