What should you do when your ex is now married but is cheating with you?

  • What should you do when your ex is now married but is cheating with you?

  • Keep banging her. Fuck the other guy

  • Ask her for a threesome with her husband.

  • Enjoy it

  • Well, heres an Idea! QUIT BEING THE OTHER WOMEN OR MAN!! Why would you still be doing things with him? If you guys get back together I 100% know he will cheat on you! Leave him in the past, and go on! Think about his wife, have you thought about what you would feel like if you were her? Well, its up to you whether you want to keep cheating with them since you are now the other woman. If youre doing it to try and get him back, forget it. If theres a closeness you feel when it happens, no one can knock you for feeling that way but its ethically wrong...although ethics are questionable since theyre created and modified by people. Whats good for one group is never good for another. Either way, enjoy it because usually, sex with the ex does not carry on for ages and the ex always loses out. You deserve more than being the OP (other person) if he really loved you you would not be the second but the first.

  • You're wasting your time. Idk what you'll think will happen but, if they're having sex with you now, why would they need to break up with their current partner. People don't even leave their partners when they cheat anymore...

  • You should stop. And maybe consider telling the ex's new partner. I'd want to know, wouldn't you?