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    So, summer is right around the corner. aw school's over and What's next?
    Mine is ain't too much of awesome adventures sadly, kinda wished to travel somewhere else bigger life like visit great wall of china, Grand Canyon, many historical landmarks around the world you can think of. Well, its definitely not going happen to me because my step parents dont plan much during summer and of course, i have to get better job.

    After two week notice passed, i'll be gone and never work back at pizza hut again.
    I expect my last day on work is May 30 or 31st. when June kicks in, I'm visiting my brothers for 3 weeks hopefully. It would be super awesome to see my bros again because i haven't seen or talk to them over two years. Hella excited.

    After that, once again. I'll starting to look new job throughout summer.
    By the end of August, i should have a new job.

    My summer sounds boring AF.

    I wanna hear your plans during summer. make me jealous over your exciting adventures and yeah,
    hot days are coming.

  • @IM-BORED eat sleep repeat buddy ... Maybe a little bit of gym 😂


    Well, there's not much of a change for me in summer, I'll still be working! :p
    Probably take a week or 2 weeks off to travel somewhere, but that's about it. Life to a working man is almost the same tho all year! Damn I miss those never ending summer vacations back in school!

  • Just working