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    As a good security precaution make sure to choose a strong password. Which should include:

    1- use more than 10 characters for ur password.
    2- we all have an specific numeric shape of password in our mind, use the characters between those numbers.
    3- use spaces, it increases the hours that a cracker need to crack ur account from 1 day to one year .
    4- use symbols. there are symbols on ur keyboard which belongs to each numbers.
    like % which is in the place of number 5 on ur keyboard. this is just a simple way for sticking them in mind.

    Now You can See all of the 4 instructions in one example :
    •my numeric shape that i always have in mind is: 19136574
    •ill gonna store the characters now in between: 1913Tws26574
    •now will use space and symbols : 1913Tws 65^%74&$

    this is the most strongest password making method, even if there's a possiblity that the cracker decided to write a very strong and intelligence password.def file, it will take nearly 1 year for him to crack these kinda passwords with a supercomputer.

    Being hacked and Bullied, it all Depends on you, every one deserve a high level of security, But the Question is if every one care about their borders in network ?
    If your one who cares, Change it Before it takes too late.

    got questions? contact @TalkWithStranger or @sologeek
    or u can simply share it here in this topic.