Is it normal to get jealous over a friend with benefits/ Picky with Nudes

  • So Im friends with benefits with a female that works at MacDonald and i tend to get jealous sometimes what she does i mean we both cant get jealous for many reasons but im gonna be short its just really with the nudes where i get jealous over, the thing with me is if you did not take it within the same day or a recent conversation i'll get a little picky say yo girl has blue hair and send you a picture of her with red hair (unless she died it) its gonna bother me cause 1 its gotta be old and if its old its been in her phone for awhile...why is it in her phone who else she sending this to? but long story short she sent me a picture if her in the bath then days later a video in same tub (unless new video) i was like if its old why didn't i get it then? and if its new then who asked you to do it? cause i didn't unless girls just take random nudes....but at same time why you taking these in first place, sorry guess ima jealous type i mean we see each other almost everyday so i guess i cant complain, its just i don't want nudes that other dudes already saw

    also i do same thing i save my nudes too so i cant get too frustrated lol

  • @RandomCitizen123 Don't overthink things like that, since it wont help at all. Rather tell her what "bothers" you, but keep in mind who you are to her, a fwb.. Also, she isn't your property, she can do whatever the f she wants basically.

  • @RandomCitizen123 Jealousy is normal. Let her know how you feel, but don't be rude about it. Kindly say "I feel this way about this" or "when you do this it makes me feel like this". That way she knows how you feel and you both can work towards a solution. However, keep in mind that she is a fuuck buddy, if you both have not agreed to be exclusive to each other than she can send nudes to other people. Knowing you're both fwb that shouldn't affect you.
    but yes, some girls do take random nudes just for fun and keep them in their phone. For what reason? none of you're business, just chill out. You're just getting nudes and doing the dirty (sexx) so really you shouldn't even be complaining 😂

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    @RandomCitizen123 what kind of dumb question is that?

  • @RandomCitizen123 the answer is to grow up and take a serious relationship if you dont want to feel jealous. Look for a loyal woman who will be yours only if u want exclusive nudes!