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    Ethical Dilemmas of Immortality
    Immortality can be a very confusing subject for some. And as with any confusing subject, there are always ethical choices to be made with them. But before we delve deeper into anything, let’s first understand the basics of what we know about immortality. The concept of immortality was first philisophicalized in the late 19th century by Sir Edward Burnett Tylor and Sir James George Frazer, two leading anthropologists at the time. Unlike most people, they conceptualized death as a disease or something akin to a cold or sore throat, it could be stopped. Fast forward to modern times and everyone’s trying to find some magical cure to stop us from dying. But is living forever really the right thing to do? Will it benefit humanity or just cause more overpopulation? Could it convince people to make suicide legal? Let’s take a look at some of the many possibilities of the ethical dilemmas of immortality.

    One big question that comes up when looking at the many different problems of immorality and what to do about it is the question of how will it work. Generically, it is universally known that every living thing will have to die at one point or another. But what if that didn’t have to happen? A popular way most people think we can ‘solve’ death is by robotic parts. There have already been microbots invented that can travel in people’s cells and fix errors in the membrane and help to remove viruses when the person’s immune system does not physically have the power to do that. We could also use a means of ‘editing’ our DNA stream and genetic code in the future to be like that of the Turritopsis Dohrnii, or immortal jellyfish, which gets its name from the strange ability it has to asexually reproduce a body without a soul, and “put its soul into it”, so to speak. This way it can theoretically live forever, unless we kill it. But if we do bring in genetics, more questions arrive. Will there be a price to immortality? How much will it cost? Will only ‘important’ people get it? Do you need some verification too? It also shows how much economics impacts our lives, even in the subject of immortality. Personally, I think that the whole thing would be much easier if we just lived life normally, because then if immortality was actually a thing, and everyone had it, Earth would be overpopulated a lot.

    The world’s current population is 7,693,688,533 and is going up by the second. If we had immortality, and the death rate would be zero, which would raise the birth rate even more, Earth would be too contained. And like every ecosystem of living species. If our environment can’t contain us any longer, we’ll reach our carrying capacity. And once we reach our carrying capacity, we run out of resources. And once we run out of resources, we’ll all die. Which destroys the whole point of this essay in the first place. To figure out how to live forever. This is where two solutions to this problem come up, A : expand into unknown planets, or B : Stop reproduction. This are both really big problems in society today. Every single person wants to have kids. Our world population clock is now at 7,693,689,103 people, and if those 7,693,689,103 have kids, 7,693,689,103 x 2 = 15,387,378,206 people. 15,387,378,206 x 2 = You get the idea. Now we bring in a third problem.

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    Hello Old Friend Cyberdyne.
    A nice piece of intellectual essay you have there, like always. But I doubt if that kid will understand most of it.
    P.S.- Don't do his homework in future. I want to see him being punished by his teacher. I want to see him bleed.

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    Why are you so smarttt? 😂
    You saved my lifeee, thankssss!!! 😂
    Love youuu so muchhh bby 😘

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    That’s one of the best essays I’ve everr read 😂
    And I understood EVERY SINGLE WORD 😝

    P.S.- You’re evillll 😂
    And I’ll never get punished anywayssss 😝

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    Lau knows your location. So does Beth.
    I’ll find you and make you bleed 🙂
    That will be my redemption.
    My inner evil you shall see,
    When with a knife in your home, you find me 🙂

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    Thanks. Also I'm pretty sure Lime isn't a kid as he knows calculus.
    P.S. - I'm not Cyberdyne. That might as well be Lime.

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    @Wolfie_11 😂 Poor @Lime

  • Bloody 15,387,378,206 jellyfish people, comin over here, taking our jobs, and our houses, and clogging up the NHS with their diseased tendrils. I didn't fight my way up Normandy Beach playing Call of Duty: WWII just so they can claim benefits.

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    @Rupin Suicide. This is a serious problem. Today, not even most people tend to think of it or how much damage it causes to society. 2019’s suicide rate around the world is up by an increased 20% 20!!! May seem like a small number now, but massive affects. And according to our theory, humans find some way to become immortal, we overpopulate, we lose our resources, then does suicide become legal? Does cannibalism become a certified option? Are we savage? If humans do become overpopulated and we really do have no resources? Do the people with depression become allowed to end themselves? No one even cares for it much, so does anything really matter? This is why I think that because of all these dilemmas immortality has sprouted, we should just stay where we are in peace.

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    This is just the tip of the iceberg and we’ve already looked at 3 concepts of the dangers that could arise if we took certain options into the subject of living forever? But if anything, will it really happen? My answer, no. Immortality is too complex of a subject to grasp and all cells do die. Whenever you sleep, millions of old cells die and are replaced by new ones the next morning. It’s just when you die, you lose the ability to get new one’s in your body. So because of this, I think no and that humans are fine without all of these problems.

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    @Chmok33 learn something from him, this is called dedication 😁

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    Ahhhhh.... An essay.. Tbh I never read a whole essay.. But somehow I managed to look each n every word in that essay.. I'm lazy reader 😅 .. Btw I like that u mentioned me n give burden to read several topics.. That's good practice of reading 😂..
    And @rupin I like this topic.. Seems like u did some research before make this one.. QUALITY CONTENT 😗👌 ..

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    I’ve been carefully studying the revelation of your locations and its surroundings for months.
    I’ve you marked on my map.
    I’m coming for you.
    All those annoying messages shall be avenged, Mr Xan Yung Lee.

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    By the way, are you actually 8? Because what kind of class requires this type of essay?

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