• Rocking that bob haircut and striped clothing fashion.
    Especially those colours.
    That reminds me of someone.

  • I've seen that before, so horrific.

  • I heard a similar story on British radio recently (though I think it was still an American family?), only without the abuse aspect - a prepubescent lad just spontaneously murdered his small sister. And if it can happen with only a very subtle psychological impetus, that suggests to me it can happen in degrees, and the human mind is a very weird set up.

    I think the overabundance of psychology in the modern world takes us away from the fact that a lot of people really just do things on a whim. I remember when I saw Bladerunner for the first time, it profoundly blew my mind when the Rutger Hauer character finally saved Harrison Ford. Gotta take the rough with the smooth innit.

  • I like the look in those eyes...She spoke so Christian Bale-ishly.