• :angry: I just saw a video on youtube of 2 teen boys from MY state here in pennsylvania torturing an injured deer kicking it's head standing on it's neck and laughing about it. But apparently in PA they can't prove that it was intentional when clearly in the video it was intentional so that is BS. I am furious about this I don't have anything against hunting as long as it's not for game and you intend to use every part of it. But if you are just shooting it for fun I am not alright with that but even more so I am not alright with someone intentionally kicking an injured animal and torturing it like that.

    If they were hunting (if even legally hunting too) they weren't hunting to shoot it dead they were doing it as a game and torture it when it couldn't fight back. There is a difference between shooting it dead and knowing it is still alive and stomping on it's head for fun. It's sadistic and what I've heard is this isn't their first time they've done this to other smaller animals and recorded it so obviously humans are next. The one teen's stepfather is apparently the police chief which is probably why there are no charges against him (or it has been reported that he is the step son of the police chief).

    Any animal lovers out there I am spreading this petition around I didn't make the petition but I did sign and donate to get these 2 assholes put away. If you want to support this petition the link is below you do not have to donate you can just sign but that is up to you whether you choose to donate or not. First link is the petition and second link is to the youtube video of an animal patrol officer reacting and talking about the video the video is in it so if you do not want to see that I would not click on it, it is graphic and probably be unable to sleep well because of it.


  • Animal abusing is never the right way on my country they say Animals are holy but also someof them killing poor cats with gas attacks every country ave shadow sides and the humans who killing Animals /pets for fun deserve the same pain as the Animals because i think Animals are the good souls on our planet they need to be saved sadly it doesn't stop them and that's reality ...

  • @Hyde Yeah I would love to be able to get to them and stomp on their heads -_-

  • @Ryiya I know what you meant and i feel you in this point i would do the same even some of my country love animals /pets and wanna safe them instead of killing them . I really don't understand how humans can be so bad and agressive and abusing them but thats how humans are (some of us ) feeling like they would be stronger and better it's because they feeling mighty when they see someone less stronger under them

  • @Hyde Well if the deer wasn't injured it could have possibly rammed it's horns into those 2 or kicked them with it's back leg's.

  • @Ryiya yes right i guess the same and it would be alive and had surrive it

  • @Ryiya I agree, animal abuse is NOT okay. It is the worst thing in the world after heterophobia :( #noabuse #nohate #straightpride

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