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    Yeet feels weird to make a topic after so long XD

    But anyways, TWS is obliviously a very diverse website with users from pretty much all around the world, so I thought why not ask you all to share stuff about the country you live in?

    What’s the best and worst thing about your country according to you?

    Here in Canada I’d say the best thing is the freaking snow we get and all the fun around it, granted a lot would say that this is the worst thing about Canada, cough tony cough, but I fûcking love it and find that it sets us apart from the rest of the world.
    Worst part is first of all the fûcking suffocating political correctness, the snobbish attitude of a lot of French Canadians towards the English and the way we’ve been treating the indigenous people.

    But mostly, there’s no place else than Canada that I would want to live in 😛

  • @WtfJudith

    Worst thing is we Indians are hypocrite , best thing is we all know it.

    apart from that ,

    • We have best cuisine under the sun , many die of hunger everyday.

    • We have best institution like IIT, IIM yet condition of Govt schools at primary level is pathetic.

    • We are best in terms of technology yet you still get to see labour pulling hand rickshaw.

    • Most lavish palaces in world map exist in India , millions of homeless sleep on footpath.

    • Many Indian tops worlds list of billionaire yet 80% people survive for 20 rupees a day.

    • Nature blessed with holy river like Ganges and Yamuna, we made it most polluted rivers in the world.

    • We declared Asiatic Lion as our national animal , it is on the verge of extinction.

    • Second largest population , not many skilled enough to earn a living for themself.

    • Millions of youth work in call center day & night , earn foreign exchange for the nation. We are all thankless to them. Instead , good for nothing politician take away all the credit for IT revolution.

    • We have highest number of voters in the world , boasting of world's largest democracy yet we have most non-transparent system of administration.

  • @WtfJudith

    Best thing

    It represents all most a world
    I mean, if u wanna see snow don't need go Switzerland, just go kashat or himachal , n recently snowfall in Delhi , (but not in my place 😞 ,whatever snow park is near to me)
    Wanna see desert? Visit Rajasthan . its not a boring trip.. If u don't know just

    I like background music xD
    If u r party animal, then visit goa. N a lot of different placed
    Like this

    And this

    worst thing

    Still Indian people wanna go other countries to experience this. N roads, sometimes u feel like offroad riding .. But national highways r great!
    N politics xD (but still modi ji rocks !!!!! )

  • @WtfJudith I live in Israel. The most things i like about my country is size, from the northeast place to the southern place it take about 7 hours. I also like the combination of different areas in such small country, desert in the south flat area with forest in the canter and mountains, snow(in a certain place) and a beautiful view in the north. I also like the the types of people that we have here, from all over the world, and many types of food.
    The thing i hate the most is how everything here is VERY expensive for no reason and its limit the people here in many ways.

  • @WtfJudith

    I'm from Portugal in case you guys didn't know so here's the pro and con:

    Pro: The quality of life is really good here. You have a good weather for mostly everything during all seasons, you have really pretty places, the country isn't huge and overcrowded like some and our ppl are warm and nice.

    Con: I see this country as a travel destination / place to live your oldhood, since youth and working lifetime in here is rather harsh (except certain places), you work a lot and the money u are paid isn't proportional to it! 🤷

    Overall I love my country but would like to try living in another, probably european, country!

  • I must resist my urge to post even more Canadian Memes here. Sorry.

    So! Me living in modern Germany for 19 straight years gave me some insight about it.
    Where do i start? Let's just say that Germany has no venomous animals at ALL.
    And no natural disasters. Bavaria does not count. They settled at the cold, humid alps in the first place, so it's their fault.
    I live is upper Germany, so there is a lot of flat land. No mountains. Not even proper hills. Way too many fields. And forests. It's boring.
    This country tries somewhat to "Go Green".
    I added quotation marks because this country is a major industrial power. It makes great guns, machines, cars, planes and so on. And they mine coal in the "Ruhrgebiet".
    Many villages got destroyed in the process.
    What else?
    A vast network of high- and speedways EVERYWHERE. This country is car-only accessible. Forget bicycles or migrant-routes.
    They are some roads for nature enthusiasts left, but they will also disappear someday. Or will no longer be used.
    Talking about nature:
    Nature is amazing. That is, if you manage to find any that is left out there. Brandenburg is a "natural disaster." Every single forest is full of garbage. Police and the regulatory agency does not care.
    They give out tickets or control foreign cars for unregistered cartons of cigarettes then to solve any actual problems.
    They are not corrupt. Not like in the russian federation. Writing from experience.
    Our army is a joke. Sadly. But the special forces from the police are not. Especially if they breach-charge your door open.

    That is all that comes to my mind. Ask any questions you have about the successor of the third reich and i shall answer them.


  • @WtfJudith
    I lives in Lawrence KS, Very laidback. All the charms of small town living but with a larger mostly student population (30,000+). Very quiet over the summer. Weather can be extreme though. It can snow and then give you sunburn within three days. Also, the cost of living is low relative to the coastal cities. Your rent around here for a studio apt. is around $500/mo. Though it is landlocked there are many lakes, parks, and outdoor trails to keep you interested. Also Lawrence has one of the most diverse communities in the state of Kansas (partly because of University of Kansas). It is less conservative than the rest of the state.

  • @WtfJudith said in Country Ying Yang 🌎:

    Here in India I’d say the best thing is the freaking food we get and all the fun around it, granted a lot would say that this is the worst thing about India, cough
    bob and vagene guys cough
    , but I fûcking love it and find that our spicy food sets us apart from the rest of the world.

    Worst part is first of all the fûcking suffocating politically motivated cow saving and worshiping, the snobbish attitude of a lot of the so called high borns towards the so called low borns and the way we’ve been treating the victims of sexual abuse.

    But mostly, there’s no place else than India that I would want to live in.


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    Call your fish "Undyne, the undying".

    Yeah but .. In reality that's Cristal clear water

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    @Ash33 bruh it looks like the boat floating above the water

    That's an optical illusion. It looks funny.

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    That's not a optical illusion..

    I know it's in Hindi 😅
    Watch from 1:00

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    @WtfJudith what do you mean " the way we've been treating indigenous people."
    I'm curious about that.

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    @IM-BORED said in Country Ying Yang 🌎:

    @WtfJudith what do you mean " the way we've been treating indigenous people."
    I'm curious about that.

    We basically just shove them all aside in reserves knowing the incredible high rates of abuse, corruption and addiction.
    We continue to give them every handout possible, rather than giving them a hand up.
    Any time someone comes up with a solution and implements a program to help them out with better education, valuable work skills, or life skills it’s met with horror and outrage.

    Healthcare is one of the best aspects of Canada, but somehow it’s extremely hard to access for the indigenous communities and the statistics can prove it “Disproportionate rates of tuberculosis at 26.4 times the rate of Canadian-born non-Aboriginal people.
    Type 2 diabetes is now considered to have reached “epidemic” levels” A lot of it is due to the governments underfunding of these services for them in particular.

    No wonder they have such high suicide rates: “ five to seven times higher for First Nations youth than for non-Aboriginal youth, and for Inuit youth, the rate is among the highest in the world - 11 times the national average ”

    We keep on brushing things beneath the carpet and every government claims to want what’s best for these communities when they can’t do jackshît

    That’s just my interpretation but I might have gotten some things wrongs. I wrote a 4 page paper on this like two years ago and some things might have changed 🤷‍♀️

  • @WtfJudith
    No way! You wrote about that?
    Care to share a link to your work?
    Also you are not at fault for the crud the government makes.
    Sure, the people should care more, but with you caring about them, you are already the change.
    Just keep your head high, sweetie~
    And never look down.

    It's busy hands, can't you see?

  • @Karina-Kara
    Hey there!! I read ur bio ..
    N I have a confusion, actually not a confusion.. Just wanna discuss about "Homeschooled" coz I never talk with a person who studied without going school 😅 ..
    But I can't text u , so feel free to message me.

  • @WtfJudith
    I feel sorry for em coz of suicide rates 😞 , but y they tolerate this .. Maybe Canada is not Democratic country ..

  • Movie Buff

    @WtfJudith i like your research buddy.
    Plus i've got nothing else to say about pros and cons living in canada.
    being aboriginal people is quite rough sometimes.

    Quick question, what the actual fuck is your pfp? 😁

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