• What country would you want it to be?
    What rules would you establish?

  • @TheGoldenMole I'd choose a major power such as China, the USA, Russia...

    Rules would include no being a dickhead, provision of food shelter education and healthcare (including mental) for all, environmental protection regimes, international co-operation and outreach policies, zero tolerance for fascism/hate crimes and the like, compulsory being excellent to each other, and mandatory voting. Off the top off my head.

  • @TheGoldenMole welcome back.

  • @Matt_Aranha The mandatory voting thing could backfire, and it could also contract with Rule 1: Dickhead Prohibition and Rule 8: the constitutional requirement to be excellent to each other (guitar blast), since the general pop do have a tendency to be feckless nightmare bellends.

    Example: (this is true) on the day before the EU vote, a 19 yr old graduate said to me, "I guess I don't have much time to make up my mind. We can vote online, can't we?"

    Obviously I told him yes, and gave a bogus website address, because I could sense a stoopid decision in the air.

  • @Indrid-Cold Haha touché sir. Perhaps I have placed too much faith in the quality of my education system.

  • @TheGoldenMole Instead of one country I would like all the countries. I would separate the people that I think are progressive with those that are not and let the others die out and create my own New World Order where the children are taught to love one other despite differences and there would be no corruption or need for it. The government wouldn't brainwash citizens and we would be the closest to peace. I'm trying to play God, but the good way.