• My partner decided of all days on my birthday to break up with me. We have a 13 year old kid so he decided and I agreed we will still live together for him. This happened so sudden I dont know how to feel. I cried the first night played cool during the day because of our obligated duties during the Christmas holiday. Today is day 3 and I'm sad and my heart hurts I want to cry but my tears wont budge. He is now officially moved into the spare room and I'm sure my son knows or had an idea of what's happening this is what really hurts me seeing our son notice this happen. We are going to live together but be separated. I just dont know how I'm going to get thru this I cant sleep and force my self to eat. Freaking 16 years! How do I get rid of this heart ache with him down the hall? We agreed he will stay because of our son and financial reasons, and also he says this is his home he doesn't want to leave. I need help finding ways to ease this heartache please.

  • It is yet too early to get any clear view of the future. Don't worry about it too much. For now just talk about your pain, as you are doing now.

    That really is a horrible choice of date for telling you. Have you got anybody supporting you, like your mother/father? You must feel so alone right now.