Are you afraid of death? o.o

  • @Mr-Ghost said in Are you afraid of death? o.o:

    @Alte in my case, it wasn't, because I expected it

    May i ask how you died? o.o

  • Wouldn't it be kinda cool and creepy if @Mr-Ghost was actually a dead spirit trying to comunicate with us? 😏 😱

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    People are afraid of things, that they can not understand. And from our ordinary point of view death looks like an end, and we can not understand how the end of our being could be.

    Easy to make theories about it, but it is not easy when dear pear are go away.

    And who said that that death is end? Many dies, but sun still shining.. And that sounds strange.. We are thinking about death, but we can't remember the beginning.. And where we are before the beginning.. The first thing that I remember is - white ceiling of the room..

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    Isn't that how life goes for everyone? Why would I get sad over something that I know for a fact there's no solution?

    Yes. You're right. No use being sad about that. But we can't control our fear for something.
    Direct answer to a direct question.

    Pfff, but I like to beat around the bush 😏

    @Kana said in Are you afraid of death? o.o:

    Are you afraid of dying!?

    No, i'm not. At least not at this moment, there will be moments of my life I was and I hope there will be moments i'll be afraid, but at the moment of my life im not afraid / wouldn't care.

  • @Kana I "died" once... by that i mean i was "almost" dead... hypothermia... once i got through the "cramps" of pain of it? it was... peaceful. calm. i couldnt decide whether it was "wet and cold" or "wet and warm" coming around me... very peaceful though. After that? i realized its just going to sleep. you have "one last dream" you never wake up from.

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    @Kana said in Are you afraid of death? o.o:


    I don't have anything in life

    That's definitely not true. Maybe you just need to look better. Life is full of opportunities and possibilities. We just need the right attitude.

    Death is not the end... I believe there is life after one's death.
    Everybody is immortal, we just leave this body to inhabit another.
    They call it the Cycle of life, the same as the Cycle of the Rain..🍷

    If that's true, then death becomes even more interesting if we'll experience something between the two lifes. A moment of "knowledge" perhaps.

    One life. Two lives🍻

  • Some people just love the idea of immortality. To me that is a sign of one of two things: either they have not lived long enough yet, or they might be insane. Honestly who would want to live forever in this world of struggle? I am glad that there is an end awaiting.

    But even if you agree, you could still fear death, which is calmingly enough, quite sane. Almost all living beings who can feel fear, are afraid of dying. And those who don't will still do almost anything in their power to not die.

    I actually feared death alot until a couple of years ago. It's not that something special happened. I just stopped fearing death. If anything it might be related to my faith, but really nothing special happened. What I find strange – or rather illogical, but fear never is – about this whole thing, is that alot of other fears still remained. I mean how can you not be afraid of dying but afraid of talking to some guy who doesn't even show the slightest intention of wanting to kill you? Also it's not like I don't fear a pain – and death might be quite painful. I just don't fear being dead anymore.

  • I agree with @sedstar, that the real point is not death, but life. I believe that life is very beautiful in a dramatic and sad way. I think we should seek this beauty though, because it makes life worth living. And not only that, I firmly believe that the nature of this imperfect reality full of suffering is what makes it so perfect. But an image sometimes says much more than a thousand words:


    In what world other than this one painful reality we live in could any living being ever express something as noble and profound as this antilope mother shows us through her sacrifice?

  • all i know is? we are "here". it is what it is, you were issued a "meat suit". you are HERE. for what purpose? to what end? make up or believe whatever you want... but, we are just "here". DEAL with it. It is? what it is? religion is for those who are afraid of hell... spirituality is for those who have already been there.

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    what can i say, i'm already dead

  • @Mr-Ghost Well, was it scary?

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    @Alte in my case, it wasn't, because I expected it

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    @Kana said in Are you afraid of death? o.o:

    People always wanted immortality. They wanted to last and wanted to matter. But in reality we don't. We'll just end and it'll be over. The cycle will go on.
    Many people I've met are afraid of death.
    Me, I've thought about this a lot since i was a child and it does not scare me at all for some reason. On the contrary I find death is peaceful because after that will be end to all troubles and all efforts.
    Are you afraid of death? Pls also share why?

    Yes i am afraid ofc. But i dont really mind dying too lol. Everyone has to go someday or the other, so why not now?

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    @SoFa_king_Cody said in Are you afraid of death? o.o:

    @Kana .....But I do have a fear of leaving someone I care deeply for behind if I die which is a new concept to me that I havent experience before until I met that special someone

    Agreed, Cody~ I had the same thought when my mom discussed this with me, but i better prepare some contingency plans before I make my exit ;))

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