• At a risk of being morbid, HOW…
    …do you envisage your death?
    I guess the prevailing hope, and the odds-on probability, is that you’ll die in hospital, surrounded by your loved ones. And that’s fair enough. But …little bit passé, isn’t it? Little bit uninspired, isn’t it?
    I always used to daydream about undertaking some great, heroic protest (maybe just at capitalism itself), chaining myself outside, say, Parliament or the Stock Exchange, and then self-immolating like that Buddhist monk in Vietnam. And that’s still a possibility, I guess. But it’s a bit horrible. Imagine if Moose rocked up and said, ‘What doing?’ just as you lit the match.
    Another possibility is this: wait for a really clear, beautiful sunset, get really tanked up on liquor, climb into a rubber ring and just drift gently, gently out to sea. You could time it so the last thing you saw was the stars and the twinkling city lights. Also, you could live-stream it –partly in case you got lonely, partly so you could donate the monetised viewing proceeds to charity.
    Y’know. Tell me if I’m being too morbid, or glorifying death. Pretty sure it’s still a long way off yet, for any of us. Besides, we’ve all got to survive the Snowflake War first.

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  • @Indrid-Cold Hmmmm , interesting topic ... kinda weird, but interesting all the same
    I have always it would be slow and painful tbh .... I have had the odd occasion or two where I have been a hare's breath away form sliding into that light ... the warm n cosy place we move onto, the next room if you like.
    But something has grabbed onto my feet each time ... pulling me back
    What this has shown me is that for the duration of this life.... all of us will have some great times, bad times, lose things, friends, family etc .... But I honestly think this whole life is simply slow degeneration of the humon condition.
    I think there was a post here a few months ago that made reference to the fact that the air we breath takes up to 100 years to slowly kill us .... I think this is very apt ;)

  • @Durwin Maybe it was the responsibility of being a TWS moderator that lured you back to the World of the Mortals?

  • I fear that I will be lost at sea. So drowning.

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