• It's a tough question, I think. All the members have admirable qualities. Going by who you'd most like to be, and who is coolest, obviously I'd say Face, because he's a ladies man, and if ever the team disbanded, he could probably get by on his own being a con man. But in terms of who is the better character? In the playground when I was a kid, everyone wanted to be either BA, or Hannibal. Hannibal because he was overall leader, and master-of-disguise, and also he was a little bit stoopid because he was always willing to have a protracted conversation with crazyman Murdock. I'm right on the fence, though, TWS, so you can probably talk me round to your point of view.


  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Indrid-Cold ooooooh, who would i pick? Murdock, because he was just so out there hahah.
    (also, i wonder if the people who answer this post will all be 80's babies... 🤔 )

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