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    Did you ever wonder what is the connection between an Onion and the Black market? if so it will be explained in this post

    1 - the difference between Deep Web and Dark web is simple , the Deep Web contains everything that you can't access through a search engine , and the Dark Web has everything that you can't access through a search engine AND IS ILLEGAL

    2 - The most popular way of getting into deep web is TOR [the onion router] , it uses a lot of layers of encryption that's why it's called The Onion Router

    3 -Deep web has about 4 billion pages [estimated] which is about 400 - 500 times the normal internet has

    4 - There are about 6 levels of the internet 1 : Clearnet , which is social media , wiki and email , 2 : Surface webs . which contains blogs , A.I , Reddit , Forums etc. 3.Bergie web , bergie contains stuff that is relatively illegal like torrent and pr0n , and 4chan but it's still accesible through normal web browser and search engine 4: deep web ,which contains : Spambots , Script Kiddy Software , Hacking Guides , DDoS forums , conspiracy theories , Gore etc. 4: Darknet , this is the easily accessible illegal side of the deep web which contains : hacking groups , child pr0n , Drug dealing , 12chan [4chan for childpr0n] and most .onion sites 5: Private Web , this contains : hyper intelligent AI , mid-classified FBI archives , particle beam weapons and supercomputing 6 : mariana's web : this side of internet is more of a myth but it was slightly confirmed , it should contain : highly illegal information and shit idfk

    5 - there are alternatives for TOR , while TOR is focused on deep web mostly there's i2p which focuses on darknet/darkweb more and Freenet which focuses on journalism

    6 - .onion urls are usually strings of random numbers and letters so don't bother memorizing them

    7 - i2p is good choice for messaging anonymously because it's like a network within a network within a network unlike TOR

    8 - a lot people confuse Deep Web with Darknet / Darkweb , while Deep Web isn't that much of a big deal Darknet / Darkweb usually is very scary and disturbing

    9 - there used to be a forum for cannibals and those who wanna be eaten by cannibals

    10 - there's a myth about redrooms , you can't confirm it legitely but it was also slightly confirmed , and there was an ISIS redroom where they tortured an ISIS member with bacon and stuff it's actually availible on LiveLeak

    11 - now you might be asking , how do people buy stuff from it , well it's complicated but it ussualy should be done with cryptocurrencies and i2p messaging since cryptocurrencies like BitCoin are untracable

    12 - there's a Linux distro made exclusively for browsing the deep web

    but there's a lot things i could say and i don't want to make this any longer , if you want part 2 or something let me know in the comments cheers

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